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SAXoTECH - Newsroom - SAXoTECH Press Releases - Aalborg, December 22, 1997

SAXoTECH Sells Editorial
System to Horsens Folkeblad

SAXoTECH has just signed a contract for the delivery of a total SAXoPRESS editorial solution for Horsens Folkeblad. In the future the SAXoPRESS system will be the most important tool in the newsroom of Horsens Folkeblad when producing the daily newspaper.

Horsens Folkeblad has chosen SAXoPRESS on Windows NT and will thus be the first Danish newspaper to choose a total SAXoTECH solution for Windows NT. Among others, the solution contains facilities for full-page pagination, writing & editing, and automatic image processing from the page as well as an integrated ressource budgetting system. Further, the system contains SAXoTECH's newly developed PerfectMatch server, which makes it possible for the writers to get a 100 per cent exact measure for the paginated article as well as a graphic preview of the article in question.

Furthermore, Horsens Folkeblad has bought NetNews for the publishing of their daily newspaper on the Internet. In addition, the new Danish de facto standard in archiving systems - SAXoBRS/Search Archiving System - is installed for archiving and search for text, pictures, graphics and pages in one and the same system.

Clear Development Strategy
Choosing SAXoPRESS is the first step in Horsens Folkeblad's clear strategy of staying on the cutting edge in the digital transformation of the media world, which is taking place these years. Consequently, Horsens Folkeblad has for quite some time used SAXoTECH's picture systems integrated with DDEÕs Euromax system, which SAXoPRESS is to replace.

Better overview
With SAXoPRESS Horsens Folkeblad gets a long desired editorial system, which will give the journalists a better overview of the newspaper's different elements and ease many routines so they can concentrate on the essential - producing the daily newspaper. For example, they will be able to see the day's images and wirecopy and search in the archives for text, images and pages, and at the same time deliver the articles and images of the day together for full-page pagination.

The archiving system automatically prepares the day's entire production for archiving. This drastically enhances the applicability of the archive for the users, who can now personally find information in the digital archive, which is online on all workstations.

The installation at Horsens Folkeblad also includes the 5 remote offices in Brædstrup, Løsning, Odder, Juelsminde and Skanderborg.

The actual installation of SAXoPRESS at Horsens Folkeblad will take place in the course of the next six months concurrently with the education of all the editorial employees.

Regarding SAXoTECH
SAXoTECH, headquartered in Aalborg, is the Danish market leader in fully integrated PrePress solutions for newspapers. With the order for Horsens Folkeblad the SAXoPRESS Publishing System will in short time be installed in 22 (52 per cent) of the Danish daily newspapers. Furthermore, SAXoTECH dominates the Danish market for distributing and receiving text, images and graphics with SAXoWirePhoto Gateway.

Other Orders in 1997
SAXoTECH has sold a number of editorial solutions to the Danish newspapers in 1997. In addition to the contract with Horsens Folkeblad SAXoTECH made sales of SAXoPRESS solutions for full-page pagination for De Bergske Blade's four daily papers and total solutions for DAGBLADET/Frederiksborg Amts Avis, Sjællandske Dagblade, Herning Folkeblad and Medie Centret in Hillerød.

Outside Denmark SAXoTECH has sold total SAXoPRESS solutions to both Romerikes Blad, Røyken & Hurums Avis, Harstad Tidende and Agderposten in Norway.

With the order to Horsens Folkeblad the SAXoBRS/SEARCH Archiving System has been sold to 11 Danish and 3 Norwegian daily newspapers, which means that the system is well on the way to becoming the Danish standard.



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