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SAXoTECH - Newsroom - SAXoTECH Press Releases - July 28, 1998. Dubai/Aalborg

SAXoPRESS for Gulf News - the leading newspaper in the United Arab Emirates

A collection of Gulf News Publications

On July the 13th, SAXoTECH signed an agreement with Al Nisr Publishing LLC - the owner of  Gulf News, the leading newspaper of the United Arab Emirates, to supply them with a complete SAXoPRESS Database publishing solution for the 100 users at Gulf News. SAXoTECH will work together with Vision GmbH of Germany  to ensure a high level of integration between the editorial system and the ad-system to be installed next year by Vision GmbH.

"With projects running in Denmark, Norway, USA and now the United Arab Emirates, this just emphasises the fact that SAXoPRESS is a very flexible system with serious international applicability", says Managing Director - International Development, Werner Elhauge, SAXoTECH A/S.

From November 1, 1998 SAXoPRESS will be used to publish the English language publications Gulf News, a 28-36 page broadsheet, 16 page tabloid newspaper with a daily circulation of 82.000, the two weekly magazines: Friday and U magazine, and the Web Edition of Gulf News

Clear Development Strategy
"Choosing SAXoPRESS is the first step in Gulf News' clear strategy of staying on the cutting edge in the digital transformation of the media world", says Mr. Al-Tayer; owner of Al Nisr Publishing LLC - and Gulf News. With SAXoPRESS Gulf News gets a long desired editorial system, which will give the journalists and editors a superb overview of the digital newspaper production. Gulf News will also get the NetNews system for publishing on the Internet along with the SAXoBRS Archive solution for archiving and search of text, images and pages.

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  is the first step in Gulf
  News' clear strategy of
  staying on the cutting
  edge in the digital trans-
  formation of the media
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Unified Wire Services
In order to streamline the extensive use of world-wide Wire Services and Syndicates at Gulf News, SAXoTECH will deliver a redesigned and extended WireCenter system capable of receiving, converting and routing all incoming Wire Services directly into the SAXoPRESS system, ready for editing in SAXoTEXT or for direct pagination in QuarkXPress.

SAXoTECH, headquartered in Aalborg, is the Danish market leader in fully integrated PrePress solutions for newspapers. 41 out of 42 newspapers in Denmark are SAXoTECH’s clients, 24 of which have full SAXoPRESS installations. Since the market entry into Norway in April 1997, SAXoTECH and its distributor Luth Grafisk have dominated the Norwegian market with 8 installations so far.



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