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SAXoTECH - Newsroom - SAXoTECH Press Releases - August 24, 1998

TIPS-bladet chooses SAXoPRESS

TIPS-bladet, Denmark’s big football and pools magazine, has invested in a new editorial system from SAXoTECH.

The system, SAXoPRESS, is a complete editorial system containing text, page and image handling as well as the de-facto standard within automatic image processing, SAXoImageProcessor Pro. In addition, TIPS-bladet has invested in an integrated archive system, SAXoBRS, for the moment meant for handling articles and images.

Jesper Frank and Chief Editor Carsten Andreasen

On the right you see the chief editor Carsten Andreasen
from TIPS-bladet and on the left is Jesper Frank, sales representative from SAXoTECH, with 3 of the best
known publications of TIPS-bladet - TIPS-bladet,
SPIL’OP & Tour de France Guiden.

TIPS-bladet is situated in Aalsgaarde in North Sealand and has 25 employees, 20 of whom are primarily dealing with editorial coverage of Danish and international football events, including pools and oddset etc.

By the way, TIPS-bladet is going to have its 50 years’ anniversary in November 1998.

For a number of years TIPS-bladet has worked on an old CPS system, which has eventually finished its service. Carsten Andreasen, the chief editor on the TIPS-bladet, looks forward to the implementation of the new technology, hopefully giving the TIPS-bladet better editorial conditions and a better graphic finish.

Carsten Andreasen states that the reason for choosing SAXoPRESS is the fact that SAXoPRESS is the leading system on the market and that the software will be able to optimize the individual employee’s options and needs, thus making the general production more effective.



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