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SAXoTECH - Newsroom - SAXoTECH Press Releases -Aalborg, October 28, 1998

New Managing director

Aalborg - october 28,1998 - SAXoTECH A/S has recently engaged Cand. Oecon (B.Sc. Econ.); Anders Christiansen, 44 years of age, as the new Chief Executive Officer in order to strengthen the company's internationalization process.

Anders Christiansen has wide management experience within sales, software and internationalization at home as well as abroad - most recently as the Managing Director of PeopleDoc Ltd. in Great Britain. Anders Christiansen's overall responsibility will be to secure SAXoTECH a firm foothold primarily on the American newspaper market and on selected European markets.

This change in the company's management structure has the effect that Werner Elhauge, one of the company founders, in future primarily will be in charge of software development, while John G. Nielsen's fields of responsibility will involve finances, administration and matters concerning the delivery system. Both Werner Elhauge and John G. Nielsen will still be members of the Board of Directors.

The chairman of the Board of Directors, Uffe Bundgaard-Jørgensen, Dansk Udviklingsfinansiering A/S, states, "With Anders Christiansen in charge of the company internationalization SAXoTECH's future looks brighter than ever before, and we are happy that he has taken the challenge to contribute to the continued growth of SAXoTECH".

For further information, please contact

Anders Christiansen,
Chief Executive Officer
Phone: + 45 96 314 200

Uffe Bundgaard-Jørgensen,
Chairman of the Board of Directors
Phone: +45 39 660 400

SAXoTECH A/S, headquartered in Aalborg, Denmark, is the Danish market leader within fully integrated prepress solutions for newspapers. As part of the clear growth strategy of the company, SAXoTECH's greatest challenge today is outside the borders of Denmark. Today the company has operations in Norway, USA, The United Arab Emirates and Switzerland with a clear goal of expanding its business territory to other European markets.



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