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SAXoTECH - Newsroom - SAXoTECH Press Releases - Aalborg,  November 16, 1998

SAXoTECH A/S Establishing North
American Sales and Support Office

SAXoTECH A/S is establishing a permanent North American subsidiary to sell and support SAXoPRESS, SAXoTECH’s newspaper publishing system.

In three years, SAXoTECH’s SAXoPRESS publishing system has become the Scandinavian market leader and is making strong inroads into the other European markets.

The North American market has begun to take notice. High demand and extremely positive feedback at the Newspaper Association of America’s annual NEXPO exhibition is leading SAXoTECH to establish a permanent North American sales and support office.

SAXoTECH’s new Chief Executive Officer, Anders Christiansen, commented "We believe SAXoTECH’s SAXoPRESS publishing system is one of the best available. SAXoPRESS offers unsurpassed integration, identical functionality on both the Mac and PC platforms, and access to the automatic image processing functionality from several phases of the production flow. SAXoPRESS’s Internet publishing component and archiving system are tightly integrated with the editorial publishing system, eliminating many time-consuming procedures."

Mr. Christiansen added, "Our US marketing efforts have resulted in software localized for the North American market. SAXoPRESS now offers a greater focus on layout driven production, improvements in editing, and the addition of several new features including story jumps and hidden inline notes."

The SAXoTECH American subsidiary will be located in Bethesda, Maryland just outside Washington, D.C. The office will open for business January 15, 1999. The SAXoTECH subsidiary will be staffed by both Danish and American industry professionals to provide North American customers with the highest level of support possible. SAXoTECH is in the process of hiring their North American subsidiary’s Managing Director from within the American industry

SAXoTECH offers the SAXoPRESS media-independent publishing solution. SAXoTECH products are installed at all but one of Denmark’s 42 daily newspapers. Twenty-five of those produce their entire editorial content using the SAXoPRESS Publishing System.

Since the market entry into Norway in April 1997 SAXoTECH and its distributor Luth Grafisk AS have dominated the Norwegian market with 8 installations so far. Furthermore SAXoTECH has distributors in Benelux and Switzerland respectively.



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