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SAXoTECH - Newsroom - SAXoTECH Press Releases - Aalborg, February 26, 1999

Sale of SAXoPRESS Publishing
System to three Swedish dailies

(Press Release in Danish)

Aalborg, 26 February 1999 - SAXoTECH has today announced the sale of SAXoPRESS Publishing System to three Swedish dailies, Skånska Dagbladet from Malmö (7 days newspaper with a circulation of 30,500), Norra Skåne from Hässelholm (6 days newspaper with a circulation of 22,900), and Laholms Tidning from Laholm (6 days newspaper with a circulation of 4,000).

sk_dag.gif (1911 bytes) nor_sk.gif (1722 bytes)

The contract, which was made in December 1998 with the group behind the three newspapers, is for delivery of an editorial solution running on MacOS with an Oracle database for 137 editorial users, based on a layout driven production principle. In addition, the group has purchased the planning tool for the editor, SAXoPlan, including a calendar and an overview of stories for tomorrow’s newspaper.

This sale demonstrates the overwhelming interest in SAXoPRESS Publishing System from the Swedish market and SAXoTECH has previously entered into an agreement with Kristianstadsbladet about delivery of a complete editorial system for 54 users.

SAXoTECH is to replace an editorial system from Scoop, which system the newspapers had an opportunity to upgrade, but instead the group chose to enter the new millennium with SAXoPRESS. Among other things the reason for that is SAXoPRESS’ integrated and intuitive interface and a wish to be able to work with layout driven production.

The system at Skånska Dagbladet is to be in production during the spring of 1999, following which the installations at the two other newspapers will be commenced.

SAXoTECH A/S, headquartered in Aalborg, Denmark, is the Scandinavian market leader in fully integrated PrePress solutions for newspapers and is making strong inroads into the other European markets with distributors in Benelux and Switzerland.

In addition, at the turn of the year SAXoTECH A/S has established a subsidiary in the US to sell and support SAXoPRESS, SAXoTECH's editorial system. The North American subsidiary is located in Bethesda, Maryland, just outside Washington, D.C.

For additional information, please contact:
Jesper Frank:




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