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For additional information about the contract, please contact: Carsten Olsen

SAXoTECH - Newsroom - SAXoTECH Press Releases - April 20, 1999. Aalborg

The Norwegian daily newspaper Varden buys SAXoPRESS Publishing System

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Aalborg, 20 April 1999
- SAXoTECH A/S today announced the sale of SAXoPRESS Publishing System for yet another Norwegian newspaper, Varden, located in Skien.

Varden is owned by Orkla Media A/S, and consequently the newspaper is part of one of Norway’s three major newspaper groups. The newspaper has a circulation of 34,000.

The contract entered by SAXoTECH’s Norwegian distributor Luth Grafisk AS is for delivery of a SAXoPRESS database solution on the Windows NT platform for 70 editorial users.

The solution for Varden includes:

  • Articles module – a simple and intuitive environment in the daily work of writing, editing, and paginating articles with integration to SAXoTEXT and the Pictures module, linking images and articles together to an editorial and pagination technical unit.
  • SAXoTEXT – a user friendly, highly specialized box based text editor for editing and formatting articles to the SAXoPRESS system with a close integration to the Articles and Wirenews modules, enabling you to open and edit articles directly from the modules.
    Included in this system solution is TANSA spell check offering automatic and intelligent correction and quality assurance of text directly from SAXoTEXT.
  • The Wirenews module, giving the user an ideal overview of the news flow in the shape of wirenews from news agencies. There is a direct connection to the Articles module and SAXoTEXT, in which wirenews can be edited to a completed, formatted article.
  • Pictures module – gives the user ideal facilities for overview and control of images, logos, and graphics. Choose between an overview in mini previews or thumbnails.
  • Wirephotos – an ideal environment to handle the flow of wire photos and graphics from several wirephoto agencies at the same time.
  • ImageProcessor – the automatic "repro department". The ultimate solution within advanced image flow and processing.
  • NetNEWS for internet publishing of the daily newspaper. The module is closely integrated with SAXoPRESS, in which the user simply highlights the articles with linked images and graphics the person wants to publish. Ask the system to publish them and convert to HTML and picture processing for the web will be carried out automatically.

SAXoTECH is to replace an editorial system from Atex, which system the newspaper had a possibility of upgrading, but instead the newspaper chose to enter the new millennium with SAXoPRESS. The reason is among others SAXoPRESS' integrated and intuitive interface and the wide product range.

The system at Varden is expected to be running late in the summer of �.

SAXoTECH A/S, headquartered in Aalborg, Denmark, is leading on the Scandinavian market when it comes to integrated PrePress solutions for newspapers and is making strong inroads into other European markets with distributors in Benelux and Switzerland respectively.

In addition, at the turn of the year SAXoTECH A/S has established a subsidiary company in the United States to sell and support SAXoPRESS, SAXoTECH's editorial system. The American subsidiary is located in Bethesda, Maryland, just outside Washington, D.C. 

For additional information about SAXoTECH and our complete product range and solutions we refer to this homepage.

For additional information about the contract,
please contact:
Carsten Olsen




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