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SAXoTECH - Newsroom - SAXoTECH Press Releases - October 29, 1999. Aalborg

Chesapeake Publishing Corporation
Purchases SAXoPRESS

BETHESDA, Md., October 29, 1999
Chesapeake Publishing Corp. has signed a contract to purchase the SAXoPRESS Content Management System to produce the print and online editions of five publications produced out of their Easton, Md., regional office.

SAXoTECH, Inc., announced the sale of the cross-platform, 50-seat editorial publishing system today, which includes the following:

- The Basic SAXoPRESS Editorial System, including the Articles Module, SAXoTEXT text editor, Photos Module, Wire Stories Module, Wire Photos Module, Layout Module and QuarkXPress Xtensions

- The company will deploy the SAXoAnyWare system (which allows users to perform basic editorial functions through a Web browser) as both a thin-client and remote access solution

- SAXoTECH¹s Automatic Image Processor software will automate the process of preparing images for Web and print output

- The NetNews Web Publishing System will integrate the newsroom into the process of building Web pages and help improve Chesapeake Publishing¹s Web workflow

- The SAXoBRS Archiving System will allow Chesapeake Publishing to archive all their published text, images and pages in one central, indexed repository

The SAXoPRESS system will be staged on Windows NT servers, with MacOS pagination clients, and WinTerm reporting and editing stations.

Chesapeake Publishing owns 57 community newspapers in Maryland, Delaware, New Jersey, Virginia, and Pennsylvania. Chesapeake Publishing also operates web printing plants in Elkton, Easton, and Waldorf, Md., and Williamsburg, Va., two commercial printing plants in Aberdeen and Easton, Md. and a full-service composition and prepress facility in Beltsville, Md.

"We are very excited about purchasing SAXoPRESS," said Larry Effingham, VP / Publisher of Chesapeake Publishing Corp. "We believe that SAXoPRESS is the right system to help us streamline the print and online publication processes for our various publications which will help us keep costs down, produce more content and increase the quality of our products for our readers and advertisers."

"SAXoPRESS is the most forward-looking of the publishing systems in the marketplace today," said Jeff Hoffman, Production Systems Director for Chesapeake Publishing. "It will facilitate streamlined editorial and production processes, enable us to serve our regional newspapers, and help us move forward in managing and distributing content for on-line publishing."

By implementing SAXoAnyWare as a thin-client solution, Chesapeake Publishing will be able to install the SAXoPRESS system on servers at their main office in Easton, Md., and allow users at remote bureau offices to use inexpensive editing terminals over relatively low-bandwidth connections.

Hoffman stated that, "SAXoPRESS has the best solution for regional newspapers that use a centralized production facility. Using SAXoAnywhere will maximize editorial collaboration between sites and streamline our digital workflow."

Both the print and online employees of the Star Democrat (Easton, Md.), the Bay Times (Kent Island, Md.), the Record-Observer (Centreville, Md.), the Times-Record (Denton, Md.) and the Dorchester Star (Cambridge, Md.) will begin using the system in live production within the next six months. The installation project will begin almost immediately.

The SAXoPRESS editorial system will be integrated into the AdForce ad layout system from Managing Editor. The SAXoTECH system will replace a Digital Technology International (DTI) PageSpeed system.

"I believe that the trend in consolidating newspaper publications into strategic marketing groups will continue," said Frank Loversky, President of SAXoTECH, Inc. "SAXoPRESS is the publisher¹s best choice to help implement that strategy. The ability of SAXoPRESS to deliver a complete set of editorial tools for both print and on-line publications will continue to be SAXoTECH¹s purpose. And I believe that will continue to allow us to produce the best cutting edge solutions for publishers."

SAXoTECH, A/S, is the developer of the SAXoPRESS Content Management System which is a comprehensive suite of cross-platform and fully integrated tools for editorial publishing. The SAXoPRESS system is the best-selling editorial publishing system in Scandinavia. SAXoTECH, Inc., the wholly owned U.S. subsidiary created in 1999, is responsible for selling and installing the system in North America.



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