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SAXoTECH - Newsroom - SAXoTECH Press Releases - December 22, 1999. Aalborg

SAXoTECH A/S opens office in Norway

Aalborg, December 23 1999
January 1, 2000 SAXoTECH opens office in Norway. The branch office is placed in the Oslo area and manned with Norwegian employees, who are going to serve present and future customers.

After 3 years close cooperation with Luth Grafisk A/S as distributor of SAXoTECH products in the Norwegian market, SAXoTECH now takes over all sales- and support activities in Norway.

"Both partners have been very satisfied with this co-operation. However, for strategic reasons Luth Grafisk A/S wants in future to concentrate effort concerning consumables, CTP-solutions etc. Therefore SAXoTECH A/S and Luth Grafisk AS have come to an agreement to end the co-operation 01.01.2000, Market Manager Carsten Olsen declares and continues" I would like to emphasize that no perceptible changes in the existing installations will take place, because they are still going to be served according to the Support Agreement of SAXoTECH".

" It is still our target to be market leader on the Norwegian market and through the larger representation in Norway, I predict a light future for SAXoTECH Norway, with favourable conditions of growth", Market Manager Carsten Olsen says.


From the beginning the office will be manned with 2 employees – Terje Olsen and Børge Larsen, who both have large experience within the branch of trade and a throughout knowledge concerning the products of SAXoTECH. Until SAXoTECH Norway has found a suitable office, Børge Larsen and Terje Olsen are physically placed at Luth Grafisk AS. Børge and Terje can be contacted through the exchange at Luth Grafisk: Phone 00 47 22 90 40 00.

Together with Carsten Olsen, Terje Olsen will carry out sales task in connection with existing and new customers. Terje is well known among a lot of the customers of SAXoTECH. Previously he was employed at the Luth Grafisk AS as Project Manager on SAXoPRESS projects. Terje starts 01.02.2000.

Børge Larsen will handle future project management, implementation, and education at the Norwegian customers of SAXoTECH. Børge comes from a position as Technical Manager at "Bladet Tromsø".

The last year Børge was employed at Luth Grafisk, he worked with implementation, education and project management. Børge starts 01.01.2000.

With headquarter in Aalborg Denmark, SAXoTECH A/S is supplier of the leading and dynamic editorial system SAXoPRESS, consisting of an extensive suite of cross-platform and fully integrated software solution for newspapers in Northern Europe and in the USA through own subsidiary company.



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