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Huge succes at Publicus presentation
in Helsinki Finland

Helsinki March 22, 2000

The conference room "Åland" at Radisson SAS Royal was filled to the last seat when more than 30 leading Finnish newspaper people heard Markku Kurki, Media Industry consultant and freelance writer in "Soumen Lehtistö speak about the future trends within the media and particular the newspaper industry.

Markku Kurki´s predictions and look into the future

Werner Elhauge, CEO & Co-founder of SAXoTECH spoke about "How to increase new production efficiency" and afterwards "How to increase earnings in the media industry". To both questions there were two answers: - Introduction of new technologies and production effective tools like database based editorial system with a tight integration to a multimedia publishing system, - and to focus on the new media without lacking on the quality of the traditional media.

Carsten Hansen, SAXoTECH demonstrates Publicus

Pulicus demo:
As a follow-up to Markku Kurki´s topic "Future trends within the media industry" SAXoTECH demonstrated the "Publicus" Internet suite which is a tool that together with the SAXoPRESS Publishing System can help the newspapers meet with all of the demands the new trends require of a system. This demo was furthermore the first demostration of Publicus in Finland where SAXoTECH - seen in the light of the fast move of the Internet in Finland - believes to have a large potential..

Click Here read more about Markku Kurki´s predictions
and look into the future of newspapers.


QuarkXPress over InDesign
Before the final workshop Maj-Britt Höglund, Publisher and Editor-in-chief from Vasabladet, Finland stood up and told about the process Vasabladet has been through over the last 1 1/2 year looking for a new editorial system.. " Two visits to IFRA and demos by many different vendors at the paper in Vasa (26.000 circ.) has brought us to where we are now - having 2 system vendors left of which SAXoTECH is one of them", Maj-Britt Höglund told the audience. The other vendor has offered a solution using "Adobe InDesign" - but Maj-Britt Höglund told the audience at the seminar -"We have come to the conclusion that InDesign at this point cannot offer us any particular advantages over QuarkXPress, and that it probably- if ever - will take a few years to knock-out the rich functionality and huge experience of QuarkXPress.

After various speakers at the seminar had finished answering questions from the audience - SAXoTECH did a presentation of the SAXoPRESS Publishing System and the many new features in the version 3.0. The demonstration was ended with a 1,5 hours special demo and workshop for those of in the audience who wanted to have a closer look at the system. Also this part of the seminar showed an overwhelming interest for both SAXoPRESS and Publicus.

SAXoTECH looks forward to signing the first agreement with one of the many interested Finnish newspapers within a few months.

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Markku Kurki: In fact these tools are out there right now
- e.g. products like SAXoTECH´s Publicus product

Strategic choice & evolution
Markku Kurki started out telling about strategic choices the newspapers has to make in the very near future.

The choices should be done on the basis of the present success of the newspapers when it comes to local relations to customers - both readers and advertisers.

The newspapers should therefore stick to their success and what they are good at - to present news to the people - local, domestic and national.

When the newspapers on top of this has a strong tradition of doing investments in new technology it is very near to many newspapers to look at the Internet as a new strategic choice not only to be another Internet news provider - but also to offer a portal - a meeting place for the local society.

To secure the success of a local portal the newspapers should tend to think of their present printed newspaper as a printed portal and develop the Internet portal from here and then ad the services and the many new opportunities the Internet offers, Markku Kurki stated.

Newspaper vs. the Internet
When speaking of the printed newspaper and the Internet, Markku Kurki told the audience, that one of the first things to be remarked is the different pro and cons - not to forget opportunities the two media offers both the providers and the users.

Markku Kurki listed the points below here to proof that that the newspapers shouldn´t stick with only one of the media as they have their individual strengths:

Newspaper is easy to use, - net is not so easy
Newspaper’s production process is tuned, which net is not
Newspaper’ price is low compared to what it gives, which net is not
Newspaper reader can be anonymous, can be difficult in net
Newspaper is an analysis of the daily world, which net is not
Newspaper has big form, which net doesn’t have
Newspaper is not on-line, which net can be, also in advertising and e-trade
Newspaper is limited geographically, which net is not
Newspaper is one-directional, net can provide return channel
Newspaper can’t use multimedia, which net can

The conclusion must be that:

- Newspaper and Internet work well together as they support each others weaknesses and strengths

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What is happening in Finland
Markku Kurki described the situation in Finland as it looks right now.

First of all most Finnish newspapers at this point already have an electronic editorial supplement to the printed paper which should be seen as a rather primitive web-site, which mostly provides the users with selected news from the printed paper updated once a day.

Second, beside providing the news some newspapers are also stretching their classified ads to the Internet more or less advanced.

Third, a few newspapers has already started designing various portals like:
City portals
Mobile portals
Business portals

Markku Kurki specially went in depth with the mobile portals which includes WAP - one of the hottest things at the moment. To the WAP concept he stated that WAP is not a competitor to the Internet rather a media which support the Internet. Furthermore the WAP technology is still very much in the introduction phase.

In short WAP is designed for small bandwidth and small screens which also secures that the technology is fast and independent of terminal equipment. As the WAP technology and also SMS in a very early phase the usage of the technology is also limited mostly to entertainment though certain news and service providers has been introducing their services on WAP.

Portal competition
Regarding the competition Markku Kurki pointed out that the main competition is not between newspapers but with telcos, ISPs and system providers. But what are the newspaper strengths in competition ?
Effective production process
ability to know its customers
lots of content and ability to collect more

To survive in the fast growing competition newspapers should concentrate on their strengths, not to forget them by concentrating on competitor’s strengths.

The system ability
Markku Kurki continued by describing the system that we need to meet with the demands from both the newspapers and the users.

The system should allow the newspapers to collect and select the content they want to publish on the internet.
The system should allow the content to be automatically fitted to the delivery channel.
The users should be allowed to define a personal profile that only offer the users the content wished.
The system should offer a feedback channel that allow the service to be interactive.

This above written functionality is maybe not so far away as some might think. The only thing required is a tool that can control the present tools - alias an editorial system - to fit the content to the new media. In fact these tools are out there right now - e.g. products like SAXoTECH´s Publicus product, Markku Kurki finishes.



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