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Volume 5, No. 27
April 5, 2000


Tuesday at the America East newspaper show, vendors rolled out new systems
designed to handle the demands of cross-media publishing, be it publishing
to print, the Web or other devices. We take a look at two such systems:
JazBox from Harris Publishing Systems, and Publicus from SaxoTech.

We'll have more highlights from America East next week.

SaxoTech Shows Publicus

SaxoTech showed its Web Publishing system, Publicus, designed for
medium-size newspapers. The system, which has been available in Europe, is
a dynamic database-driven system that supports multi-channel publishing (to
browsers, Palm Pilots, phones, etc.) and has strong story indexing and
categorization features. The idea is for newspapers to be able to put as
much information as possible in front of the users, rather than forcing
them to search for it.

The other main selling point of the system is its integration of various
Web modules into one system, including good functionality for classifieds,
E-commerce, content sales, community publishing, discussion, and polling
functions. SaxoTech hopes that uniting all of these components will make it
easier for small- to medium-size newspapers to compete on the Web with
larger sites.

Publicus supports multimedia elements, using any ODBC-compliant database,
and has been integrated with several major front-end systems in Europe,
including QPS, CCI and Atex. A basic Publicus system will start around
$40,000. With all components, the price can climb above $100,000.

Washington Times
chooses SAXoPRESS

SaxoTech has signed a 300-seat deal with the Washington Times
SaxoTech has signed a contract to install its largest SaxoPress editorial
system ever: a 300-seat configuration for the Washington Times. The system,
which will be used to produce the 100,000-circulation daily Times as well
as the weekly Insight magazine and various online products, will replace a
15-year-old system from Software Consulting Services. Besides being the
largest of SaxoTech's 90 worldwide installations, the contract gives a key
boost to the company's sales effort in the U.S., where it has three
previous customers producing seven publications. The Times system will
include all of SaxoTech's modules for Web publishing, including SaxoAnyware
to enable any workstation with a Web browser to have full editorial
functionality. The system will be configured with Sun Solaris servers and
Mac workstations for pagination and editing.