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    "Saxotech continues its development of real solutions to the problems facing newspapers today by designing software that is fully compatible with thin-client hardware and software standards."

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    Prepress Technology May 2000

    SaxoTech sells systems

    By Lori Vaughn
    Staff Writer

    HERSHEY, Pa. -- The Washington Times purchased the complete Saxopress Content Management System to produce its daily and weekly print publications, as well as its various online products, SaxoTech announced at America East.

    The Times will also use the Saxopress system to publish the national weekly edition of its paper and Insight On the News, a weekly news magazine.

    "We are especially pleased with the ease by which we can log onto the system from anywhere in the world with just a Web browser, and how well it integrated with the myriad of other software needed to put out a newspaper and publish on the Web," said Gil Rooschuni, research and development manger for The Times.

    As part of a large technology upgrade, The Times' 300-seat system includes the following components:

    The basic Saxopress Editorial System, including the Article module, Saxotext text editor, the Photos Module, the Layout module and QuarkXPress XTensions.

    Saxotech's automatic image processor software will automate the process of preparing images for Web and print output.

    The NetNews Web Publishing Xtra will integrate the newsroom into the process of building Web pages and help improve the Times' Web workflow.

    The SaxoBRS Archiving System will allow The Times to archive all of their published text, images and pages in one central, indexed repository.

    The company will also deploy the SaxoAnyWare system, which allows users to perform basic editorial functions through a Web browser, as a remote access solution.

    All of the editorial departments in The Times' Washington, D.C., office will convert to Saxopress before the end of the year. The Times' Saxopress system will be staged on Sun Solaris servers running an Oracle8 database, with Extreme Networks Gigabit backbone switches and Apple Macintosh pagination, editing and reporting workstations. Over 200 new iMacs and 50 new Power Mac G4s will be deployed in the Times' newsroom.

    Sweden sale

    on March, Saxotech announced the sale of a 105-seat Saxopress system to Helsingborg Dagblad (daily 50,000) in Sweden. READ MORE...

    Saxopress 3.0 modifications

    At America East, Saxotech displayed major enhancements to Saxopress 3.0, including the Saxoplan Module, Edit Tracking, Element Editing, Saxoadmin, and thin-client technology.


    Publicus 3.0

    Publicus now allows newspapers and magazines to conduct e-commerce on their Web sites.

    The complete e-commerce solution lets visitors shop for and purchase products featured on the site. This allows publishers to make partnerships with local merchants, or create their own e-businesses.

    "Publicus has an interface for the merchant to create their online catalog or inventory, including uploading images, all done with a simple Web browser," said Robert Laszlo, vice president of customer fulfillment. "The paper decides where they want to place the online store on the Web site and how it will look by creating the proper templates. Publicus does the rest."

    The software has several new services added to the Portal Module. These additions include a new movie listings guide, television listings guide, local weather services, an improved chat service and search engine integration. READ MORE..


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