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For Release 9 a.m. EDT, June 17, 2000


ROCKVILLE, Md. -- At NEXPO 2000 in San Francisco, SAXoTECH will debut new features for the SAXoPRESS Content Management System, release a major upgrade to the Publicus Web Publishing System, as well as preview the next major release of SAXoPRESS.

"Since America East, the SAXoTECH programmers have been working overtime to produce additional features for both of our core products," said Robert Laszlo, V.P. of Customer Fulfillment. "We are very excited about being able to show these new functions at NEXPO. All of these features have been developed at the request of SAXoTECH customers, and are all now finished and shipping in the current product."

In addition, SAXoTECH has begun building the next major release of SAXoPRESS (version 4.0), which will be released at the IFRA 2000 Expo in Amsterdam (Oct. 9-12). We are providing this preview at NEXPO for our North American customers.


At the request of customers, several new features have been added to SAXoPRESS version 3.0. These include the following enhancements:

TANSA: Our North American customers can now use the sophisticated Scandinavian system for computer-assisted proofreading. Tansa is a server-based dictionary of spelling, grammar, style and hyphenation rules customized exclusively for each customer. The dictionaries in Tansa are based on at least 12 month's worth of the customer's own published text. The Associated Press Stylebook is also available.

COMPUTER-TO-PLATE (CTP) INTEGRATION: The adoption of CTP technologies is accelerating. SAXoPRESS now has the ability to send imposition and page pairing information to CTP devices that enable them to automatically produce the proper page pairings on the plates. The system currently supports all the major CTP devices.

ADDITIONAL WORKFLOW TOOLS: SAXoTECH's customers now have several additional customizable fields in the database that can be tailored to meet their own unique workflow requirements. By adding these tools to the system's existing workflow attributes, SAXoPRESS can handle just about any organization's publishing processes.

TABLE OF CONTENTS GENERATION: SAXoPRESS now includes tools that allow users to easily generate a table of contents for their publications and format that table for pagination.


The rapid development of our dynamic Web publishing system continues. Since version 3.0 of Publicus was released in early April, several new modules have been created that expand greatly the power of the system for newspapers on the Web.

The following features are now shipping:

MULTI-MEDIA MODULE: This module lets you publish streaming video and audio on your Web pages through the Publicus server. You can link multi-media content to other news content (stories) and display the video and/or audio content alongside the text. The module supports all of the major streaming media standards (RealNetworks(tm), Windows Media(tm), QuickTime(tm)).

COMMUNITY PUBLISHING MODULE: This module is a simplified version of the basic Publicus system which allows you to offer a Web publishing solution for business partners, schools and other groups in your community. This allows these community groups to do basic article and picture publishing - without any HTML coding - on an area of your site, based on templates that you create (usually with the help of the groups).

NEWSGROUPS MODULE: This module lets readers of your site post "threaded" messages in discussion forums (similar to Usenet newsgroups). Also, like several of the other Publicus Modules, the Newsgroups Module lets you export a newsgroup thread that can be later printed in your print edition.

WEATHER SERVICE MODULE: This module allows you to automatically publish complete, searchable weather reports on your site for any locations that you choose.

GUIDE EXTENSIONS: Several extensions to the Agenda Module have been created that let you build a complete, searchable tourist and activity "guide" for your location on your Web site. For example, the Ski and Beach Guide Extension allows ski resorts in your area to fill out forms in a Web browser describing ski conditions, prices, hours of operation, etc. (Requires Agenda Module)

TRAVEL SERVICE: With this service addition to the Portal Module, it is possible to automatically publish airline, bus, and train schedule information, as well as provide real-time traffic updates for your area. (Requires Portal Module)

MAPPING SERVICE: With this service, it is possible to provide street-level maps and directions to any location in North America. This service can also be tied to other modules to provide, for example, directions to an advertiser's offices. (Requires Portal Module)


The next major release of the SAXoPRESS Content Management System is being built today. SAXoTECH expects to show version 4.0 of SAXoPRESS at the IFRA 2000 Expo.

At NEXPO, we will be showing prototypes and discussing several of these features, including:

MEDIA TAGS AND XML: SAXoPRESS will soon give users the ability to tag sections of stories for different types of output. For example, an editor will be able to mark one paragraph of a story for a particular print product (perhaps a particular edition), while another paragraph might be written strictly for publication on the Web. This tagging scheme will be implemented using the Extensible Markup Language (XML).

QUARKXPRESS(TM)-BASED COPY EDITOR: To further empower our users and give them the ability to write and edit text to fit the exact layout and hyphenation and justification of a QuarkXPress page, SAXoTECH is building its own Quark-based text editor. Editors will be able to open and work with an exact representation of how that story will appear in print.

SAXoTECH, A/S, is the developer of the SAXoPRESS Content Management System, which is a comprehensive suite of cross-platform and fully integrated tools for editorial publishing. The SAXoPRESS system is the best-selling publishing system in Scandinavia. SAXoTECH, Inc. - the wholly owned U.S. subsidiary of SAXoTECH, A/S - is responsible for all North American sales, installation, and support of SAXoPRESS. For further information regarding SAXoTECH and its full range of products and solutions we invite you to visit to visit

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