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Quark & SAXoTECH Forge Technology Alliance

Quark Core Technologies Now Available to SAXoTECH

See also the first comments on the deal from Seybold and Cole Papers

SAXoTECH is currently working on plans to utilize the technologies and product integration opportunities, which the alliance has given us.

Werner Elhauge,
Chief Technology Officer


June 20, 2000
SAN FRANCISCO -- Quark Inc. and SAXoTECH A/S announced an alliance at NEXPO that will allow SAXoTECH to develop solutions based on Quark core technologies that were previously unavailable to systems vendors.

In the wake of Quark's recent announcement that it will make its text
processing application QuarkCopyDesk(tm) Special Edition available to
developers, SAXoTECH will leverage the full suite of Quark tools to create a
state-of-the-art media-independent publishing solution for the newspaper

"We are delighted that SAXoTECH is the first company to take advantage of
this opportunity to build leading-edge solutions on the Quark(tm) technology
platform," said Jürgen Kurz, director of product management at Quark.
"SAXoTECH shares the Quark vision for media-independent publishing, and we look forward to helping them deliver solutions that will cut costs and
streamline processes for newspapers."

"This agreement will allow SAXoTECH to focus on the true needs of news
providers," said Werner Elhauge, SAXoTECH founder and chief technology
officer. "Using Quark technologies as a base, we can enhance our print tools while we continue to develop outstanding tools for publishing to multiple media."

SAXoTECH will use QuarkXPress(tm) and XML throughout the entire workflow management process in its next-generation cross-media publishing solution (codename: MediaBlast). Additionally, the system will have unparalleled media planning and content research capabilities.

"The original promise of open, standards-based systems was to allow
developers to integrate best-of-breed tools to provide solutions for their
customers," said Gil Roschuni, research and development manager at the
Washington Times. "Quark's openness will give developers like SAXoTECH the ability to bring Quark products together as integrated solutions. This is exactly what the industry needs."

"Our customers need a better solution, and Quark's technology strategy is
perfectly in line with SAXoTECH's product line and plans for future development. We are moving quickly to support new business models for news providers, and this agreement will supercharge SAXoTECH's effort to produce a streamlined production environment," continued Elhauge. "We're not going to lose focus by supporting InDesign. That's certainly not what the industry needs right now."

"SAXoTECH and Quark understand the pressing business issues facing newspaper publishers today," said Kurz. "Our customers need tools that can be embedded into their workflows that support publishing to multiple media. By embracing standard technologies such as XML, HTML, and PDF, Quark tools can easily be plugged into a variety of workflows."

SAXoTECH, A/S, is the developer of the SAXoPRESS Content Management System, which is a comprehensive suite of cross-platform and fully integrated tools for editorial publishing. The SAXoPRESS system is the best-selling publishing system in Scandinavia. SAXoTECH, Inc. -- the wholly owned U.S. subsidiary of SAXoTECH, A/S -- is responsible for all North American sales, installation, and support of SAXoPRESS. For further information regarding SAXoTECH and its full range of products and solutions we invite you to visit to visit

Based in Denver, Colorado, Quark Inc. ( develops and
distributes award-winning software for high-end, professional electronic
publishing and communication. Quark's products include QuarkXPress(tm);
QuarkXPress Passport(tm), the multiple-language version of QuarkXPress;
avenue.quark(tm), the intelligent way to re-use QuarkXPress content on the
Web; Quark Digital Media System(tm), or QuarkDMS(tm), the enterprise
solution for digital asset management; and others. Founded in 1981, Quark
Inc. is privately held.

For Details, Contact:

Werner Elhauge
Chief Technology Officer
Phone +45 96 31 42 00

Robert A. Laszlo
V.P. Customer Fulfillment
Phone: (301) 294-0805 x.102
Mobile: (240) 602-6219

Quark, Inc.
Glen Turpin
Corporate Communications Manager
Phone: (303) 894-3687

July , 2000
Seybold highlights the alliance:

SAXoTECH allies with Quark.
Quark and SAXoTECH have formed an alliance under which SAXoTECH will incorporate Quarks core technology in future publishing products, including a mediaindependent system under development. It will be based on XML and incorporate QuarkXPress technology throughtout the system.
As a first step, SAXoTECH will license the Quark CopyDEsk editing program as an alternative to the SAXoTEXT program now used by reporters and editors working on the SAXoPRESS editorial system. One result will be that it will be easy for editors to firt stories exactly to the layout on and XPress page from within the editing program.
Beyound using CopyDesk and XPress, SAXoTECH is looking to incorporate the Quark Digital Media System for asset management into SAXoPRESS.

Seybold Report on Publishing Systems
Volume 29,numbers 15 & 16

July , 2000
Cole Papers to comment on the alliance:

has made an alliance with a robust pagination player, SAXoTECH Inc. of Rockville MD [subsidiary of SAXoTECH DENMARK]
Quark is making available "Quark core technologies that were previously unavailable to system vendors" according to a news release issued during NEXPO.
Reading between the lines, Quark seems to realize that it can’t keep the core of its page layout application as proprietary as it has since the application was first released.
Look for MediaBlast, a cross media publishing solution from SAXoTECH that will use XPress and XML tags throughout the entire workflow management proces allowing for "unparalleled media planning and content research capabilities," says the publicity. Perhaps there will be more to report at the upcoming Seybold San Francisco this august or later?
Go to Cole Papers...

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