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ROCKVILLE, Md. -- SAXoTECH announced that its software has been selected by CyberInk, of Erie, PA., to power the new version of its World Wide Web site,

CyberInk is the wholly-owned subsidiary of Times Publishing Company, which publishes the 70,000 circulation Erie Times-News in Erie, PA. The company purchased the Publicus Online Publishing System to help them with the daily production of the newspaper's various Web properties.

"The Publicus system had everything we were looking for as we redesigned and began upgrading our news offering," said Chris Mead, President of CyberInk. "The system will replace a variety of other products/partnerships with one integrated solution." and associated Web sites have won numerous awards including Erie Advertising Club design awards and the 1999 Society of Newspaper Columnist online column award. The regional portal has relationships with most of the region¹s assets, including the Chamber of Commerce, Erie Zoo, Bayfront, Presque Isle and ABC affiliate.

The Publicus system will be integrated with newspaper's existing Agile editorial system. Publicus will replace CyberInk's home-grown system which included the now defunct Pantheon Interpreter and Builder products.

SAXoTECH will host and Publicus installation at the company's datacenter in Reston, Va. Previously, was hosted by InfiNet.

CyberInk is expected to go live with their new Publicus-enabled Web site early this fall.

"SAXoTECH had all the software and services CyberInk was looking for in one complete package," said Robert Laszlo, V.P. of Customer Fulfillment for SAXoTECH. "Publicus will help CyberInk deliver compelling content and leading edge communication features, as well as build a rich community online."



CyberInk will utilize the following Publicus components:

-- BASE PUBLICUS SYSTEM: Will improve company's online news publishing workflow by automating a great deal of the daily production and eliminating all the image processing.

-- AGENDA MODULE: Will allow visitors to CyberInk¹s Web sites to submit community calendar information to the paper both print and online publication. Editors will approve all materials for the Web, and the data required for the print publication will be sent to the editorial system for pagination.

-- CLASSIFIEDS MODULE: Will let CyberInk significantly improve their online classified advertising sections by giving users the ability to search for any type of ad with many different search criteria.

-- MULTI-CHANNEL MODULE: Will allow CyberInk to quickly re-publish content in many different electronic formats, including different Web browsers, handheld computers (like the PalmV (tm)), WebTV (tm), e-mail subscribers, wireless phones, etc.

-- COMMUNITY PUBLISHING MODULE: Will let CyberInk give groups and organizations in the Erie area the ability to easily publish their own stories and photos on its Web site (without having to learn any HTML coding).

-- E-COMMERCE MODULE: Will allow CyberInk to build an online shopping mall of local merchants and allow them to use their Web site to sell goods and services to readers.

-- MULTI-MEDIA MODULE: Will give CyberInk the ability to publish streaming video and audio on their site.


SAXoTECH, A/S, is the exclusive distributor of the Publicus Online
Publishing System, a comprehensive suite of tools for electronic publishing.
The Publicus system is the best-selling online publishing system in Scandinavia. SAXoTECH, Inc. -- the wholly owned U.S. subsidiary of SAXoTECH, A/S -- is responsible for the sale, installation, and support of Publicus in
North America. For further information regarding SAXoTECH and its full range of products and solutions, we invite you to visit to visit


For Details, Contact:

SAXoTECH (North America):
Robert A. Laszlo
V.P. Customer Fulfillment
One Church Street, Suite 403
Rockville, MD 20850
Phone: (301) 294-0805 x.102
Fax: (301) 294-1761

SAXoTECH (Europe):
Carsten Hansen
Phone: +45 96 31 42 42

Chris Mead
CyberInk, LP
333 State Street
Suite 119
Erie, PA 16507
Phone: (814) 454-8853
Fax: (814) 459-9805

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