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    Lend us a hole in the wall…

SAXoTECH believes that outsourcing of the IT in the media industry is the way to go –because it can be more inexpensive. It saves personnel and the company is technologically updated all the time. – Publicus is integrated in SAXoPRESS, which also has had a better support of Tansa – and a close alliance with Quark.

Please, lend us a hole in the wall. Then we will handle the entire IT of the media house!

– Maybe it sounds cryptic, however at SAXoTECH we have a clear understanding that the thing to come will be outsourcing of the media houses’ IT by letting a centrally controlled, competent and highly qualified staff update the technical IT-systems for the newspaper production.

It is the contents of the media that matter. It can hardly be the task of the newspapers or the magazines to practice IT-business. However, have a look around in all modern media houses in the world - they each have an army of IT-people. A top manager, a manager and even more employees who continuously handle the arising problems. The thesis comes from SAXoTECH, who thinks that the brave new world both on this and a number of other areas is just round the corner. Actually this is what they work with in the development department.

- There are many and entirely immediate advantages of outsourcing the IT of the media house. These advantages totally match the medias’ requirements of both being totally up to date with all new systems and at the same time have a clear overview of the costs. And, as it at the same time is a realistic possibility to reduce the costs, it all forms a synthesis, says SAXoTECH. – You get an overview of the costs – naturally based on consumption. This can be a part of the agreement. Solutions and services are scaled up continuously. The needed high level competence, which is necessary, is placed outside the media house.

- On the other hand ASP also gives the media house a possibility of going in the opposite direction and making money on hosting. Not only your own system, but also by hosting other media houses’ solutions in a regional center in the same way as you see a lot of newspapers outsourcing the rotation to a larger media house today.

We have put a lot of effort into analyzing the needs within the media houses. If they are going to be met, you can choose to go vertically and deliver the modules the media houses want. You can also go horizontally and instead aim at the solutions, which cover the increasing and changing demands requested by the media houses.

SAXoTECH has chosen to go horizontally. We want to work with outsourcing. Among others it equals large and small companies because it will be possible to produce to more medias on the same system without conflict.

MediASPrint, built based on Oracle and Quark, is both an easy and clear solution, where you avoid unsuccessful investment. Instead of investing, you get consumption based production cost, you need fewer employees and you are constantly technologically updated.

- However, if you want a hosted solution you do not need to wait for MediASPrint to get “ASP”. SAXoPRESS on PC can actually already run in a thin client in the product SAXoAnyWare. Combine this with a hosted Publicus solution and you have essentially outsourced your editorial system for cross media production on print and Internet.

Business Logic

The demands of today from the media industry is business logic. We are forced to know exactly which way the media trade is heading. That means that we have to be up to date on the industry’s needs to deliver the software solutions, which meets the demand.

We are experiencing an increasing demand for solutions for parallel production of several media. There is a demand for working with content on several different media at a time. For quite a while it has been common to produce for print and Internet. However, the media world is under constant development. Now it is also necessary to produce for WAP and PDA. So many new things are appearing; things we do not even dream about today or have the imagination to see may become a reality before you know it.

In the system market the new customers are the magazines. Many places they are still working with paper and paste. Today they too realize the new economy and the numerous possibilities offered by the technology. Quite a lot of media houses work with the entire spectrum of media. They need systems, which can work parallel across all media.

We experience the tendency that several newspapers start to cooperate on news production. This has been common for a long time in print plants. Now there is also a demand to co-ordinate material, which is also produced in different physical places, through the kind of outsourcing you call syndication.

Constantly new demands appear, which can make it more expensive to produce news – to far more groups. Therefore there is a demand for production facilities which can produce to several different media. However, a fusion takes place of the needs of the different media. The vision is that we should deliver a coherent news desk – for more media. We want news, while they are still news. Therefore the net should be updated continuously. Once the story is in the system, it can be viewed as required both to different media and different target groups.

We also experience that our systems are used wider and also by other industries. It demands a constant and many-sided development angle, which in total will give better and wider solutions.

Publicus and Tansa

Media of all types need to attach the readers closer to themselves – to get stable users on the Internet – and thereby making the advertisers interested.

Publicus – a Norwegian Web planner – is already integrated into SAXoTECH’s solutions. It is the direct way to print, video, WAP, PDA, Internet and what ever else you may need. So far SAXoTECH has the exclusive rights to sell Publicus the next 5 years. However, we are working goal-oriented on a closer cooperation between the companies. On the latest Seybold Seminar Publicus received Seybold’s Hot Pick – chosen as the best system among 86 candidates for parallel production and close integration between different media.

Tansa Media System has developed rapidly from an advanced spell checker to function as a proof-reading system with correct text and correct hyphenation and can also be used in such a way that all employees follow the same linguistic line of directions – both regarding linguistic norm and phraseology. In SAXoPRESS version 3.0, released in July, an improved support for Tansa was secured. Here too, there are great plans for the future.

Alliance with Quark

For a long time we tried to make Quark see that you have to be able to implement e.g. Inline Notes and consequently consolidate the dialog between the reporter and the sub editors, and at the same time make 100 percent write-to-fit possible. Thus, for a long time we asked for access to Quark CopyDesk SE, allowing us direct access to Quark’s own H&J. And for as long as we have been asking for it Quark has said no – at least until recently.

Today we have a close alliance with Quark. The cooperation agreement with Quark gives us access to a wide range of its technology. Quark CopyDesk SE, the digital media system Quark DMS, and XML support, to name some of them.

Actually, Quark has changed to being a supplier of basic technology. Due to the agreement we can both focus on what we do best. We need to concentrate on listening to the media houses, and here parallel production, for one thing, is in demand. Today we do believe that we can use Quark both earlier in the production process and much more than before. We can offer a quite unique support on Quark.

On the other hand we can give Quark considerable, updated and far-sighted input. Quark has become more or less isolated regarding online. We can help Quark with that. As a development company Quark needs input on parallel news publishing. And we know something about that.

We have dealt with Quark ever since the beginning in 1992. We will not jeopardize this great amount of knowledge.

Quark has fundamentally changed its attitudes. Previously we have experienced some paranoia. Today, Quark is here to deliver the basic solution.

Development at Quark

When it comes to the development at Quark, publishing consultant Marie von Segebaden from Quark Scandinavia’s says: The development is media independence – Cross Media. That means that you have to create something once and then be able to deliver everywhere. You need a ”machine” to manage it all. The writers are to deliver material to the entire spectrum. The contents are to be adjusted. The standard is that the system is to answer in several different ways – with export-import. QuarkXpress has a content that among others covers print, web, XML, eBook. That is avenue quark. Late this year or early next year version 5.0 will come to Europe. Among the news you will find layer handling, with text and images. XML – import-export – will become standard. On Quark’s copydesk you will have control of all details in a production, in order for you to find and follow the history of the article.

New SAXoPRESS versions soon to come

In July SAXoPRESS introduced version 3.0. The version includes better layout tools – among others for layout driven production. It is possible to follow the history of an article. If and when changes were made and by whom, not to mention exactly which changes were made. Several people can work on different elements of a story.

Among the new modules you will find SAXoPlan for editorial planning. Several functions are compiled in fewer windows. The final integration with Publicus is finalized. It has an improved support of Tansa.

SAXoPRESS 4.0 will be ready for presentation at IFRA in October. It will include integration to CTP and Ad systems – and it will be possible to publish to Publicus on a Mac. New automatic e-mail news summaries and tables of contents will be available. There will be watch dog to the IT manager, allowing the manager to monitor everything. And there will be a total support of Jumps and Grouped elements, giving the customers two new interesting production ways to editorial production.

SAXoPRESS 5.0 will be presented in June 2001. Here the first integration with Quark CopyDesk SE will be available. It will be possible to work in layers. There will be complete geometry – meaning that elements fit 100 percent. Automatic print will also be available. Publicus 5.0 will be built together with SAXoPRESS 5.0. And finally – Fotoware will be integrated.

In a year SAXoTECH will be ready with the ASP solution MediASPrint – allowing the media houses to outsource their IT.

- That requires a mental change, but we feel it coming, says SAXoTECH.

By Lars Gjedsig


SAXoTECH, A/S, is the developer of the SAXoPRESS Content Management System, which is a comprehensive suite of cross-platform and fully integrated tools for editorial publishing. The SAXoPRESS system is the best-selling publishing system in Scandinavia. SAXoTECH, Inc. -- the wholly owned U.S. subsidiary of SAXoTECH, A/S -- is responsible for all North American sales, installation, and support of SAXoPRESS. For further information regarding SAXoTECH and its full range of products and solutions we invite you to visit to visit

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Note: Attached to this article is 3 break out boxes on Tansa Media System, Publicus and SAXoPRESS, respectively.

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