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    Publishers Jump on the E-commerce Bandwagon...

October 3, 2000: “First it was creative professionals, now it's publishers -- 38% of the latter cited "building/enhancing E-commerce capabilities" as their #1 business opportunity along with "direct mail projects”, say’s Trendwatch in today’s TrendWatch Fast Fact #93, quoting their research study “Trendwatch Publishing #9" Summer 2000.”

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“And for large publishers (100 or more employees) -- more than 50% selected "E-commerce" as a top opportunity. What's more: half of the top 10 business opportunities for publishers are Internet- or new media-related. Six months ago, less than half of them were” says Trendwatch.

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Unless you're just watching this bandwagon go by, this has big strategic implications for every publisher say’s SAXoTECH’s Marketing Manager Lars Halkjær. With Web-related design and publishing now the top opportunities for both creative professionals and publishers, you have to take this into account in your future strategy.

With the combination of SAXoPRESS and Publicus, SAXoTECH has your best bet on the system of the future. With unparalleled integration between print and online publishing, SAXoTECH has gone further than anyone else has today.

With the Publicus E-commerce module as a part of your Publicus Internet Publishing System, you can also jump on the E-commerce bandwagon.

Publicus E-commerce - is a complete package for doing business on the Internet, and gives you all the possibilities that are to be expected from an E-commerce system today. The module allows you to build up a merchandising center as well as integrating your existing business systems without the need of a warehouse or invoicing. Methods of payment are built-in.

Read more about Publicus E-commerce here…


SAXoTECH A/S is the developer of the SAXoPRESS Content Management System™, which is a comprehensive suite of cross platform and fully integrated tools for editorial print and online publishing. The Publicus Online Publishing System™ is the company's Web production and portal-building solution. SAXoTECH is today the market leader in Scandinavia and has since the start in the United States in 1999 obtained a significant market share here as well. Today, SAXoTECH A/S counts 50 employees in the headquarters in Aalborg, Denmark, 2 employees in the Norwegian sales office, and 10 employees in the 100% owned U.S. subsidiary company - SAXoTECH Inc. which is responsible for all North American sales, installation, and support of SAXoPRESS. For further information regarding SAXoTECH and its full range of products and solutions we invite you to visit

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