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- August 1998


Prices this

Processor Pro Server, incl.
PhotoRace CMS

USD: 22.500

XTension, incl.
SAXoUpdate XT
(per user)

DKK: 4.300
USD: 670

Order by
mailing us or
by calling at:
+45 31 42 00

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SAXoTECH's Autumn Bargain
Autumn '98 - SAXoImageProcessor Pro

SAXoTECH offers one of the most effective and profitable standalone image flow systems on the market for all QuarkXPress users in newspaper production.

The system consists of the thoroughly tested and widely used SAXoImageProcessor Pro system and the ImageProcessor XTensions.
The concept is running at 25 newspapers and has proven to be
extremely effective and profitable, with a short payback.

Cyan (2k) Full Colour (12k) yellow (2k)
Magenta (2k) black (2k)

Profitable through exceptional functionality
SAXoImageProcessor Pro is the core of the image flow process, from automatic generation of previews, automatic routing via the "Hot Folder" technique, to automatic and advanced image processing directly from the QuarkXPress page using information from the ImageProcessor XTension.

Some of the supported image processing features include conversion from RGB to CMYK, RGB to Greyscale, rotation, cropping, resizing, and automatic color or graytone correction. As a result, the system allows you to use EPS/JPEG formats in RGB for all images through to QuarkXPress, where you can decide on the geometry of the image. This results in huge reductions in manual image processing costs!

The flow
A common SAXoImageProcessor Pro image flow is:

• All images are scanned and saved in RGB color as EPS/JPEG formats.

• Images are automatically routed to their places on the server via
  SAXoImageProcessor Pro’s "Hot Folder" handling.

• Images are imported and placed on QuarkXPress pages, and may be
  rotated, scaled, and cropped.

• The ImageProcessor XTension sends this information to
  SAXoImageProcessor Pro, while also allowing you to decide whether
  the image should be in color or grayscale, and whether one or more
  standard image corrections, such as adjustment of highlights and
  shadows and selective color correction, should be applied.

• The SAXoImageProcessor Pro server makes copies of the original
  images, applies all corrections, and saves the new images in a
  predefined file format and output resolution.

• SAXoImageProcessor Pro interacts with SAXoUpdate XTension
  to automatically update the images on the QuarkXPress pages
  and ensure that they are ready for printing.

The entire process is accomplished without using human resources and dedicated image processing equipment – and in less than one minute.
That’s effective!!!

The system can easily form part of a SAXoPRESS editorial solution – without changes!

Technical Specifications
SAXoImageProcessor Pro is an independent server which runs on a powerful Power Macintosh. The minimum system requirements are 64 Mb RAM, 500 Mb free disk space and network access.

Clients require QuarkXPress 4.0 (Mac or Windows), along with two SAXoTECH XTensions: the ImageProcessor XTension for image control, and SAXoUpdate for automatic updating of images in QuarkXPress.


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