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- August 1998

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About the SAXoTECH Website

Feel at home at
Nobody really wants yesterday’s paper telling yesterday’s news! Please show me a vendor that will serve its customers and the industry by putting up a face of of rigor mortis on its website, serving only the zombies! Too many websites are just too promotional and are not updated frequently enough to be of any real value. Check out and see how breaking news constantly updates hourly and daily at this site

Hello World (13k)

Hello world! - where ever we and you are…
With a recently developed browser-based "Press Release Module" any authorized user around the world can publish breaking news in seconds on our website. Distributors of SAXoTECH. Partners and Staff can publish product information, breaking news etc. in organized and sorted news categories. At this stage you can browse the categories, soon however you will be able to subscribe to your favorites and have the information forwarded to your workstation.

Information right at hand in print and on the web
We hope that you find SAXoNEWS a good starting point. We aim no higher with this newsletter. When you want more information – turn to our Website!

The SAXoTECH Home Page will be an integrated part of most of our future informational materials. Look in the "Articles" section of the home page for indepth information on topics covered in SAXoNEWS and marketing materials. You decide which issues to pursue.

Check out information categories like:
The "Product" section features among other things: Product Sheets, a walkthrough of our implementation plan, and Year 2000 issues explained and related to the SAXoTECH product line.

The "About" section has information on who we are and what goals we strive to achieve as a company.

The "News" section features SAXoNEWS on-line, our press releases, product reviews and what the press writes about us.

We are working intensively on the "Starting Point" section to make it your favorite start up page on the web. Take a look, there are already several interesting links.

In the "Partners & Customers" sections we provide information on the companies we work with and the customers we work for.

Look for the Future
SAXoUser Web
is the second phase in the new SAXoTECH Internet strategy. SAXoUser Web will be available to all our customers and will give them an even higher standard of service and support. We will invite our customers to sign up for the SAXoUser Web as soon as we have completed testing.

In SAXoUser Web you can taker active part in technical news forums,
- exchange information , - subscribe to list forums, etc.

On-line Supportdesk
Also look for the upcoming "SupportDesk" This will be the place to look for tips & tricks, product updates, online manuals, and much more.
The SupportDesk will be open to the public, and will, in time, come to serve as a general knowledge database for collecting information on the SAXoTECH product line.


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