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World First at America-East

Browser access to full editorial functionality in SAXoPRESS

Sitting in Hershey - the sweetest place on Earth, we could smell that something big, neat or even sweet was going to happen.

Who would have thought that you can produce a whole news-paper with the SAXoPRESS Pub-lishing System including, doing pagination in QuarkXPress from a standard web browser like Inter-net Explorer, without having any SAXoPRESS software on your com-puter.

Well, at AmericaEast, March 30-April 1, a bunch of highly interested newspapers experienced just that first hand. The main comment from newspaper editors was that, now they do not have to stay late to wait for the last reporter to file his story, and the last page to be made.

But just fire-up the browser on their home PC and put the paper to bed from there. And that without extra cost for the newspaper in terms of having a remote system, - actually anyone with a PC and a browser could work from home if needed.
I don’t know what you think about that, but it sure sounds OK to me.

If you were not among the lucky ones to see it then - you should act now, and ensure yourself a seat for a demo by giving Frank Loversky a buzz on email: or phone (301) 961-1942, or Heidi Heunecke at, phone +45 96 31 42 00. 



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