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NEXPO '99 The Newspaper Conference SND
Date: June 14-17

Place: Las Vegas Convention Center

Date: August 24-25

Place: SAS Radisson, Århus, Denmark

Date: September 9-11

Place: The Bella Centre, Copenhagen

SAXoTECH exhibits at the NEXPO show in Las Vegas.

In hot Las Vegas we offer refreshing new editorial software - the gateway to editorial production in the next millennium.

Have a look at the new unique capabilities for accessing the Web from a client station and for archiving files in PDF format.

Each year SAXoTECH hosts a newspaper conference in Den-mark where we invite news-papers from the Nordic countries to attend.

This event is divided into two activities - a conference part, discussing different issues - and a workshop part where we invite sub-suppliers, and presents SAXoPRESS editorial system, etc.

Society for News Design Annual Workshop and Exhibition.

Storytellers are the heroes of tomorrow. At Copenhagen's Bella Center, SND will focus on journalism after the information age. In debate cafes you will have a chance to meet speakers and news designer colleagues face to face to discuss the workshop themes in a relaxed atmosphere.

Further Info:
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Further Info:
Right Here...
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