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NEXPO '99 - Viva Las Vegas

SAXoPRESS - a uniquely integrated multipurpose publishing system - meeting all the needs for print, web and archive today!

In hot Las Vegas we offer you refreshing new software with our suite of multimedia software. SAXoPRESS Publishing System - if you play your cards well...

Without any SAXoPRESS software installed on your workstation you will have access to the full functionality of SAXoPRESS from within an Internet browser, including integrated page makeup, image processing, archiving and production management.

Requirements? Practically none!
Simply log on to the system from any available computer. Even your Internet connection can be of moderate speed. SAXoTECH’s superior system design SAXoPRESS exploits its server application capabilities and lets you run SAXoPRESS as a thin client with TCP/IP in a standard Web browser.

To run a distributed newspaper production this new technology enables you to run without a WAN, without a scattered hardware and software setup, allowing writers, editors, production mana-gers, etc. to work with and moni-tor all production processes from standard Web browsers.

The archiving system automatically produces PDF documents of the archived pages with links in the archiving system. Browsing in the PDF documents enables you to perform additional search-es in the database simply by clicking on articles and images in the PDF-document.

NetNews - Internet Publishing just like that…
InterNet Publishing client enables you to attach banners and additional ads to the automatically published articles. InterNet Pub-lishing is tightly integrated with the SAXoPRESS Editorial System, minimizing the need for a separate InterNet newsdesk.

ImageProcessor Pro – automatic image processing
SAXoImageProcessor Pro is unique within advanced image flow and picture processing. You prepare the images for use on news-paper pages in just a few seconds – and you don’t even have to be an expert…



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