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Svend Erik Schouenborg 
IT-Trainer, SAXoTECH A/S
Svend Erik first graduated as a technical assistant and was subsequently a graduate of the Danish Ingeniør akademi.

Svend Erik has great professional experience, and since 1991 he worked at the Tech-nical Highschool/ Aalborg technical school, leading teacher, network administrator, resource planning, etc.).

Robert A. Laszlo 
V.P. of Customer Fulfillment, SAXoTECH Inc.
Robert Laszlo has joined the SAXoTECH, Inc. operations team in Bethesda. He will be responsible for coordinating the efforts of a team of sales, marketing, implementation and product support personnel.
Most recently, Robert worked for ACI.

Robert has extensive experience in the newspaper industry. Before joining ACI, Robert was the Art Director at the Waterbury Republic-American (Water-bury, CT), the Graphics Editor at the Evansville Press (Evansville, IN), as well as a freelance consultant on desktop publishing and electronic pre-press. Robert is very knowledgeable in the areas of Product Marketing, Product Demonstrations and Installa-tions. His team skills, marketing skills, and overall market knowledge will greatly benefit the SAXoTECH, Inc. team.

Patricia Cooney
Office Manager, SAXoTECH Inc.
Patricia Cooney has joined the SAXoTECH, Inc. operations team in Bethesda, - as office Ma-nager. She will be responsible for supporting the Customer Fulfillment Process by maintaining the procedures to support the personnel executing the process.

Before joining SAXoTECH, Inc., Patricia worked in Washington, DC, as Office Manager and Executive Secretary for the Federal Gouvernment Affairs office of Mutual of Omaha. Prior to Mutual of Omaha, she lived in Connecticut and worked for Space-saver Systems, a mobile filing and storage systems corporation, and managed a restaurant with a staff of 40.

Patricia’s ability to manage, organize and work with personnel and customers will help to build the SAXoTECH, Inc. team.



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