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Claus Dindler,
Vendsyssel Tidende,
about SAXoTECH

Vendsyssel Tidende has worked together with SAXoTECH ever since the company was formed by just a few dedicated men. This relationship is a very important part in the process of changing VT into a completely different organization with sophisticated technological solutions.

The keyword has always been cooperation - we never looked at SAXoTECH as just another vendor, but as a teamplayer. Together we revealed and articulated the needs for new solutions; solutions which have taken us to the very top of the Danish newspaper industry.

Claus Dindler, Chief Editor of Vendsyssel Tidende

Claus Dindler is in charge
of 270 users

Not only have SAXoTECH´s editorial solutions given us a rational and flexible production, they have also provided the opportunity to materialize our philosophy of a decentralized organization with every editorial function as close to the readers and advertisers as possible.

The reason for our mutual success lies in the fact that both parties have shown an unusual willingness to untraditional thinking and the urge for more than just adequate solutions. That counts for general production of daily and weekly newspapers as well as Internet publishing, Digital Archiving and links to Radio and Television.

And by the way... we had fun all along.

Claus Dindler
Chief Editor, Vendsyssel Tidende


Stein Gauslaa, Agderposten
about SAXoTECH

Agderposten is a Norwegian regional newspaper with a daily circulation of around 26.000. The newspaper is published in Arendal and is the leading newspaper in the Aust-Agder county.

The editorial staff comprises about 40 employees, including typographers and photo desk. Besides the daily newspaper it publishes a 24 page tabloid supplement on Fridays and a 12 page supplement on Saturdays.

Stein Gauslaa showing the SAXoPRESS system

Stein Gauslaa showing
the SAXoPRESS System

Like most editorial offices we experience that the resources are less than the ambitions. Consequently in the hunt for a new editorial system it was absolutely crucial for us to find a supplier that could offer a product in which efficiency and userfriendliness were among the most important competition advantages.

At the same time we had decided that the entire production line was to be based on PCs. In addition we wanted our new editorial system to be integrated with QuarkXPress as throughout the past 5-6 years we have obtained a fairly high competence on QuarkXPress in our own organization.

When we came to the IFRA exhibition in the fall of 1997 the PC version of SAXoPRESS was so satisfactory to us that we signed a contract with SAXoTECH on the spot.

In March 1998 we were the first newspaper in the world to start using the database version of SAXoPRESS for Windows. From the first day the entire newspaper was produced on SAXoPRESS. Thanks to an impressive effort both in our own organization and especially from SAXoTECH´s employees we managed to get the newspaper out to our subscribers on time even during the most hectic implementation period.

Generally we are impressed with SAXoTECH´s innovative capabilities. The development department is responsive to the customers´ needs and evidently market oriented in the best sense of the word. Highly motivated and tecnically skilled employees have shown a rare will to work evenings and weekends in order to make us a happy customer.

Our demands to the editorial system were based on userfriendliness and high efficiency in the newspaper production. In our opinion the experience shows us that we made the right decision in choosing SAXoPRESS. Consequently, we look forward to a hopefully long co-operation with SAXoTECH.

Stein Gauslaa
Chief Editor, Agderposten

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