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3rd. Party Suppliers
Financial Partners


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3rd. Party Suppliers

Product Company Reseller DK
Client Software    
DiHyphXT Van Gennep - Media Automation Consulting BV SAXoTECH A/S
ALS Managing Editor, Inc. SAXoTECH A/S
Tansa H&J & Spelling Tansa Systems AS SAXoTECH A/S
PhotoRace Kiralfy Softwaretechnik GmbH Kjær MacSupply
QuarkXPress Quark, Inc. Ingram Micro
Microsoft Products Microsoft Inc. Ingram Micro
Adobe Products Adobe Inc. Supply Service
FileMaker FileMaker Inc. SSA
QuarkXPress XTensions North Atlantic Publishing Systems SAXoTECH A/S
QuarkXPress XTensions Various 3rd. Party Developers Xchange Scandinavia
Apple Remote Access Apple, Inc. SSA
Remote Aceess Services Microsoft Inc. Ingram Micro
Timbuktu Netopia, Inc. Mikrograf
First Class Soft Arc, Inc. Mikrograf
OS/Server/Database Software    
Windows 95/NT Microsoft Inc. ComputerMac A/S
Mac OS Apple Inc. ComputerMac A/S
Sun Solaris Sun Microsystems Inc. CMA Computers A/S
BRS/SEARCH Dataware Technologies, Inc. Dataware Technologies A/S
Oracle Oracle Inc. Azlan
Microsoft SQL Microsoft Inc. Ingram Micro
SAMBA Samba Team + original author Andrew Tridgell Easy Software Products
Helios Ethershare HELIOS Software GmbH  
Apple Macintosh Apple Inc. ComputerMac A/S
Compaq Compaq Inc. ComputerMac A/S
SUN Sun Microsystems Inc. CMA Computers A/S
Storage Management    
RAID solutions, etc. Sun Microsystems Inc. CMA Computers A/S
RAID solutions, etc. Compaq Inc. ComputerMac A/S


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