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Financial Partners


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Financial Partners

SAXoTECH is owned by 26 of SAXoTECH's employees,
Erhvervsinvest Nord A/S, NOVI, Dansk Udviklingsfinansiering A/S
and Kommunernes Pensionsforsikring A/S.

Dansk Udviklingsfinansiering A/S Logo

Danish Venture Finance
Danish Venture Finance
(DVF) is an independent major private venture company, investing in new innovative growth companies with a great international potential. In addition, the companies invested in are offered consultancy regarding technology, management, marketing and financial circumstances.

DVF is a limited company with a capital of DKK 500 million invested by more than 100 investors and counts today 16 employees participating in the launching of 6-10 new companies a year.

DVF primarily invests in

- Biotechnology and medicotechnology
- Electronics and information technology
- Material and process technology.

DVF is a member of the European venture capital association, EVCA,
and is also a EU sponsored Eurotech Capital venture company.

Uffe Bundgaard-Jørgensen
Dansk Udviklingsfinansiering A/S
phone +45 39 66 04 00.

Kommunernes Pensionsforsikring A/S Logo

Kommunernes Pensionsforsikring A/S
Kommunernes Pensionsforsikring
is a life-insurance company with investment assets of approx. DKK 43 billion. A minor part of the assets is invested in small, but promising companies, primarily in high-technology areas such as information- and biotechnology.

Kommunernes Pensionsforsikring has in the course of the past 8 years invested in approx. 100 companies of this type.

Jens Bisgaard-Frantzen
Portfolio Manager
Kommunernes Pensionsforsikring A/S
phone +45 36 44 18 88.

Erhvervsinvest Nord A/S Logo

Erhvervsinvest Nord A/S
Erhvervsinvest Nord A/S is an active investor in industry, participating as a shareholder. Erhvervsinvest Nord A/S is North Jutland's local capital partner and primarily invests in North Jutland companies with a growth and development potential allowing an attractive return on the investment for the shareholders.

Erhvervsinvest Nord A/S participates with capital in connection with succession, internationalization, preparation for a stock exchange introduction, structure rationalizations and other capital demanding development projects. Erhvervsinvest Nord A/S has a relatively long investment horizon and consequently always wishes to be a minority shareholder.

As of 1997.12.31 Erhvervsinvest Nord A/S had a portfolio of totally approx. DKK 70 million. The net capital amounts to approx. DKK 104 million.

Erhvervsinvest Nord constitutes an independent business area within the Spar Nord group as a 100 per cent owned subsidiary of Sparekassen Nordjylland A/S.

Torben N. Sørensen
Erhvervsinvest Nord A/S
phone +45 96 34 42 06.


is a research center, innovation environment and venture company with a special competence within high-technology seed-investments. One of NOVI's essential tasks is to work as a link between The University of Aalborg and the business sector. In this way NOVI continuously gets knowledge regarding new research available for NOVI to use when a project needs knowledge and capital supply.

NOVI A/S is Denmark's only research center based investment company and aims at acting as an active "midwife" for new high-technology development projects arising in the science environments. NOVI has thus invested approx. DKK 40 million in 20 new high-technology companies.

Lauge Sletting
Investment Manager
phone +45 96 35 45 00



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