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Updated April12, 2000
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SAXoTECH announces major new releases of INTEGRATED MEDIAWARE:

See descriptions and screenshots of new main features

Content Management System
release 3.0

Web Publishing System

release 3.0
is a major new release of the system and includes a n extensive list of new significant enhancement: Scroll down and read all about it!

Even though this dynamic Web publishing system just recently made its debut, the development of this product proceeds on "Internet time."
It has already been improved in several ways. Read all about the new features shipping!
All of the new features have been developed at the request of current SAXoTECH customers facing new challenges, and are all now shipping in the current product.
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Feature description
Publicus now allows newspapers and magazines to
conduct electronic commerce on their Web sites. The complete e-commerce
solution lets visitors shop for and purchase products featured on the site.
This allows publishers to make partnerships with local merchants, or create
their own new e-businesses.

Read more on PUBLICUS...
Several new services have been added to the Portal Module. These include a new Movie
Listings Guide, Television Listings Guide, Local Weather Services, an improved Chat
Service, and Search Engine Integration.

The SAXoPlan Module gives users full-featured contact and schedule sharing, assignment tracking, and
resource planning - all from within the SAXoPRESS system. This new module is fully integrated
with all the other modules of SAXoPRESS, allowing users to link stories and photos to
tasks and meetings.

SAXoPLAN is the planning tool, handling all the practical problems within editorial planning and thus optimizes the newsroom resource allocation.

SAXoPLAN being a module in SAXoPRESS, means that article planning, idea presentation, dairy and other essential planning facilities are an integrated and a natural part of SAXoPRESS.

From idea to finished article.
The chief editor thus has the optimum story control tool and can follow stories closely from idea to completed page.
Through the diary you will quickly get an overview of concrete stories, topics, stories of the individual newsroom, tip-offs, events, invitations, etc.

From the overview of possible stories you can assign time and resources directly to stories, and assigned jobs can be placed in publications.

Basically stories are listed without linked elements. When the story is referred to a journalist, he or she can make the article himself/herself, or an article may already be linked. Such a linked article may e.g. come from a Quark page, and then the pre-defined amount of text is to be written (layoutdriven workflow).

The diary is also a control tool for the individual employee, who can write his/hers appointments and jobs into the diary and thus have an overview of the jobs and appointments of the day.
Besides seeing own appointments the user can also see other people’s appointments, or the appointments that the editors are in charge of.

Moreover, the diary also contains a Repeat function for recurrent events (daily/weekly) such as meeting activities.

Duty plan
In the duty plan you will have a quick overview of resources available at a certain point of time. A resource will typically be a journalist, but can also be a room, a photographer, etc.
You can e.g. have a duty plan for one employee in the coming weeks, or a duty plan for the entire newsroom on a certain workday.
Resources can be given different rights through a user profile exactly as in SAXoPRESS. The administration in SAXoPLAN is handled from SAXoAdmin.

Through contact overview you get a total list of public contacts and your own private contacts. The contacts are shown with name, initial, title, email-address, phone number, local number, fax number, street, city and postal number. Furthermore, at the beginning of the list an icon indicates whether the contact is private or public. Naturally, you can search for certain contacts. Last, but not least in SAXoPLAN you have search facilities with full text search on all stories and events.

Read more on SAXoPLAN...

The new Edit Tracking features of SAXoTEXT allow users to
view all the additions and deletions made to a story as it moves through the
editing process. Users can choose to view the changes by user, date and

Until now the user who had the story open, owned the story. With Single Text elements edit multiple users can work on the same story as long as they confine their activities to different text elements.

E.g. it makes it possible to change in the headline on the Quark page meanwhile another writes the bodytext in SAXoTEXT. Fields edited by another will be indicated with a color code and automatically SAXoTEXT places your cursor in the first accessible text element e.g. in the byline box thus giving access rights for several users a more flexible editing process.

Element Editing allows different users to work on the individual pieces of the same story at the same time.
For example, a copy editor could work on the headline, while the assigning editor continues to
work on the body text.

Read more on SAXoTEXT...

- Instead of keep adding functionality to the SAXoPRESS suite of software by adding more and more windows and palettes to the working environment, - release 3.0 actually holds less windows than previews releases. SAXoBRS is the first SAXoApplication to be totally resigned based on the new Interface guidelines.
SAXoTECH continues its development of real solutions to the
problems facing newspapers today by designing software that is fully
compatible with thin-client computing hardware and software standards.
SAXoTECH has made a strategic partnership with Tansa
Systems AS of Norway to bring their remarkable spelling, style and
hyphenation checking system to North America. The first English-language
versions will be available in May 2000.

Read more on TANSA...

To improve and simplify the lives of system administrators,
SAXoTECH has significantly improved and expanded the abilities of the
SAXoAdmin tool. From one control panel, administrators may easily create new
users, groups, set security and workflow attributes and modify design and
layout parameters for the system.

Read more on System Administration...

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