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We Deliver

In order to build a base of satisfied customers you need to prove that you manage the simple and yet so demanding task of delivering on time, with the proper functionality.

In SAXoTECH you experience an organization with a thorough understanding of the importance of quality.

In cooperation with the customer, a team of SAXoTECH Sales Representatives, Project Managers and Software Engineers produces a very detailed system specification with a clear functional description. This spec is an important reference guide. A realistic timetable, installation and action plan are a few of the many priceless results of this teamwork.

SAXoTECH tests and tailors the system configuration prior to installation at the customer´s site. The customer, however, always performs the final test. We take care of any corrections needed prior to the final production startup.

Continuity... Linking sale, installation & support together.From the very first meeting and forward you will notice that the SAXoTECH sales representatives demonstrate a profound understanding of newspaper production.

Coming from the newspaper market, working over the years with customers´ demands and visions and with dynamic project leadership in numerous installations we give you the kind of match you are longing for.

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- Analysis - Configuration - Hot-line
- Specification - Installation - Software Upgrade
- Quotation - Education
- Production

The project manager pinpoints what is unique in your production setup and your needs compared to other media companies. The right questions can then be posed, and your needs thoroughly analysed before an offer is laid out.

During installation and production startup of the various phases the SAXoTECH Support organization gradually interacts. Supervision and information from project managers keep the support staff updated and ready to assist the customer and the individual users.

SAXoTECH Support will also offer help and guidance in installing your software upgrades which on a regular basis are offered to you as one of the services provided in your SAXoTECH Support Agreement

Continuity is the keyword, making sure that the transition from sale to installation is a smooth ride......



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