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Release 4.0

Release 4.0  coming along
At the brink of shipping release 3.0 we are at SAXoTECH deeply engaged in the planning and specification of the next release of SAXoPRES. Some major features scheduled for release 4.0 are already in the making, - and other projects are about to start. Stilll we have room for your suggestion regarding new functionality, - whether it is an idea for an entire new module of SAXoPRESS or "just"  ideas to improve some of the current modules in the SAXoPRESS application suite.

Website entry
In order to give your ideas an easy way in, - we here give you a Web entry form for you to use. Share your ideas with us, - and leave your email address behind, - in case we want to talk further with you regarding your proposal. Often you will see the page being updated with project suggestion and calls for new features. Participate!


Feel free to give us comments in English, German
or any of the Scandinavian languages...




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