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SAXoPRESS Implementation Plan

The implementation plan chart demonstrates how an installation can be divided and performed. Numerous steps are mandatory - others may not fit your situation. In this example the installation has been divided into three phases.

  • Phase one is installation of the framework - with servers, input and robotfunctions together with software for the editors

  • Phase two will connect the writers to the new editorial SAXoPRESS system, allowing you to shut down your old proprietary system, if you are the "lucky" owner of such a dinosaur.....

  • Phase three will be the archive solution, the SAXoBRS system - allowing you to save all elements - text, pictures and whole pages in one single database

The chart is divided into these 4 columns:

Signing of contracts     Start
Production of Design elements     2-4
Configuration of SAXoEngine (The DB Stylebook)     5-6
Redesign of Workflow     5-8
Interface & Integration to current systems     2-3
Development of required integration     4-7

Phase 1 - Editors

Installation of Network, Servers and Workstations     3-6
Configuration of Robots  and Workstations     7-8
Installation Test     9
Training of SuperUsers     10-11
Acceptance Test     12-13
Additional changes to configuration     14-15
Acceptance     16
Training of Editors - Class one     17
Class one goes into Production     18
Training of Editors - Class two     18
Class two goes into Production     19
Training of Editors - Class X     19
Class X goes into Production     20

Phase 2 - Writers

Configurations of Robots and Workstations     16
Installation Test     17
Training of SuperUsers     18
Acceptance Test     19-20
Additional changes to configuration     21-22
Acceptance     23
Training of Writers - Class one     24
Class one goes into Production     25
Training of Writers - Class two     25
Class two goes into Production     26
Training of Writers - Class X     26
Class X goes into Production     27

Phase 3 - Archive System  SAXoBRS

Configuration of SAXoBRS and Workstations     17-18
Installation Test     19
Training of SuperUsers     20
Acceptance Test     21-22
Additional changes to configuration     23-24
Acceptance     25
Training in Archiving     26
Archive Production start     27
Training in Searchclients     34
Searchclients Productionstart     35


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