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SAXoTECH - Products - Product List - SAXoPress @ccess

SAXoPRESS @ccess

Access to SAXoPRESS Editorial system by the use of a WEB-browser!

  • No SAXoPRESS software is required on your workstation to gain access to the full range of functionality in SAXoPRESS.
  • Well-known interface - the Internet Suite has the same interface as SAXoPRESS in general - whereever the Browser-technology allows us.
  • Built with Java JDK 1.1, Visual Café and db Anywhere middleware.

SAXoPRESS Internet Suite
The SAXoPRESS Internet Suite is a collection of the well-known SAXoPRESS modules, such as the Articles and Pictures modules. The modules are written in Java and collected in a socalled Applet. As the execution of an applet just requires a new Internet browser this means that the entire staff of the newspaper with access to the Internet can get access to the functionality in SAXoPRESS.

In practice a journalist can be in e.g. South America and log on to the editorial system of the newspaper (SAXoPRESS) by means of the Internet and hence write articles, browse images, etc.

SAXoPRESS @ccess Includes:
At first the Internet suite will include:

  • A combined Articles & WireNews module
  • An article editor
  • A combined Pictures/WirePhoto module
  • A Login and Preference module (SAXoBASIS).

Then follows:

  • A search module for searching articles, images, etc.
  • A Pages module

In addition, two of the robots of the SAXoPRESS system, PerfectMatch and ImageProcessor, will be adjusted in order to allow access from the Internet.

The modules will be collected in an applet, which can show one module at a time by using tab panels. Below follows a description of each module. Generally, the SAXoPRESS look & feel is maintained, whereever possible. The main difference is that all functions are kept in one window. This results in a different implementation of e.g. Article control.

Login Module
This module opens a login window for the user, in which he can select product and user through local menus, and type his password to login. If the login is accepted this module fetches the relevant information  about product and user preferences. Then it will automatically switch over to the Articles module.

If, after a successful login, the user returns to the Login tab panel he will be able to log off and on under another name.

Click Thumbnail for Fullsize Screendump
Click Thumbnail for Fullsize Screendump

Articles/WireNews Module

This module allows you to go through the list of articles in a given workset and at a given date. If the workset contains articles the list will, as in SAXoPRESS for Mac and Windows, show status, format, article name, id, extent, number of lines, priority and user.
If the workset contains wirenews the list will show status, date, time, id, type, title, priority, number of lines and slug.

The module contains a control panel including the buttons: "New", "Edit", "Control" and "Make up" when articles are shown and the buttons "For article" and "Read" when wirenews are shown. Further, there are three local menus for selection of workset, date and user(s) if articles are shown and for selection of workset, time and subset if wirenews are shown. Finally, there is the article/wirenews list itself.

Click Thumbnail for Fullsize Screendump
Click Thumbnail for Fullsize Screendump

A click on "New" or "Article" will switch to the Editor module, in which you can type information about  format, user, category, etc. By choosing "Article" the selected wirecopy will be converted into an article.

When clicking on "Edit" you jump to the editor too, which will show the selected article. "Read" also jumps to the editor, but the text cannot be edited or saved. Make up switches to the Pages module, where you select the page on which the article should go.

A click on Move switches the control panel to a specific panel containing local menus for Categories, Date and User, as well as the buttons Copy, Move and Cancel. The panel also appears in the Pictures and Pages modules.

In the toolbar of the module you will find a button for updating the list, a Delete button (in article mode) and a button that hides/shows the control panel.

Editor Module
This module enables you to create and edit articles. The editor is made as a box editor with fields for editing headline, subhead, byline, bodytext and cutline.

The module contains a "Save" and "Cancel" button as well as a button sending the article to the Perfect Match server, which returns a preview of the article exclusive of images. "Save" files the article, "cancel" clears the editor window (and jumps to the Articles module).

When choosing "Save" the user is presented with a panel for editing Articles format, Styletag, Category, Date, Priority and User.

Pictures/WirePhoto Module 

The Pictures/WirePhoto module provides ideal facilities for viewing and controlling images, logos, ads and graphics.

The Image List
Like SAXoPRESS in general this browser module has an image list for showing the images/ wirephotos. The contents of the list are controlled according to the selected work options (which content area in the production system does the user want to see) and according to the date. Thus, the Pictures module allows the user to work with staggered publication dates.

Click Thumbnail for Fullsize Screendump
Click Thumbnail for Fullsize Screendump

If images are shown a local menu for selection of date will appear together with
the one for selection of workset.

For wirephotos there is a local menu for time (e.g. "the latest two hours"). In both modes a local menu appears for selection of picture subset (e.g. 1-100).

The Control Panel
In the control panel the following buttons will appear: "Control" and "Refer". "Control" directs the image to another folder. This is done in the way that the control panel switches to the special control panel (cf. the Articles module). "Refer" links the image to an article. This is done in the way that the Articles module is opened in which you select an article and click on the "Refer" button. This button only exists in this situation and replaces the "Make up" button.

Picture Info
You will also find an information panel showing the image description, date and time, the type and whether the image has been processed and/or archived. This panel follows the image selected in the list.

The Toolbar
The module toolbar contains a button for updating the list, a Delete button and a button giving information about the selected image. "Delete" is deactivated when wirephotos are shown as these are not to be deleted.

IPTC info
An IPTC button shows the IPTC information for the selected image. The IPTC info contains i.e. a description, arrival time, origin, agency, etc. This data follows the image during all the steps involved in image processing. The description can be copied as a cutline. The list contents are continuously updated.

Text search
Finally, the Pictures/WirePhoto module allows text search in the descriptions of the selected images.

@CCESS Yet to Come

Preferences Module
This module gives a tab panel with preferences for workset and preferences for the PerfectMacth server and the ImageProcessor. These are implemented as panels you can switch between.

Search Module
Gives a user interface for search in articles, wirenews, images and wire-photos. Later, it will also be possible to search in BRS databases. The layout can partly be taken from the existing search windows in SAXoPRESS Mac/Windows and SAXoBRS.

Pages Module
In a list box the module shows a list over the pages present in the selected workset for the selected date.

In the module control panel you will find two local menus for selection of workset and date. Further, you will find the Control button, by which you can direct pages to another category. This is done by switching the control panel to the special control panel.

The toolbar of the module contains a button for updating the list and a button giving information about the selected page.

Access to ImageProcessor
From the Pictures module you will have full access to the services of the SAXoPRESS ImageProcessor Pro System. The ultimate in automatic imageprocessing.

Access to PerfectMatch Server
From the Editor and Articles module you will have full access to the services of the SAXoPRESS PerfectMatch Server.

@ccess - The Tech Stuff...

SAXoPRESS @ccess is the platform independent entrance to the world of SAXoPRESS Publishing System. Built with Java JDK 1.1, Visual cafe and db Anywhere, you can run this system with the standard web browsers of today.

On a PC you can run the SAXoPRESS @ccess Applet from IE 4.0.x and Netscape 4.0.3 with a Java patch.

On Mac, however, the only standard web browser supporting Java 1.1 is Internet Explorer 4.0.x. and the MacOS 8 native Apple Applet Runner.



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