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Articles Module

The Articles module offers the individual user an intuitive and easily comprehensible environment to be used in the daily work of writing, editing and paginating articles.

Articles Module Screendump

  • Direct connection to SAXoTEXT in which articles can be written and edited.
  • Direct connection to QuarkXPress by SAXoPalette XTensions for quick and simple article make up.
  • In combination with the Pictures module, images and articles can be linked in order to be an editorial unit as well as a pagination unit.

The Articles module is the primary tool of the editorial staff. The article production is controlled from here. Like the other modules the Articles module consists of an overview with an attached menu.

The overview is divided into logical areas, making article operations easy and simple for the user. From here new articles can be made and typed in SAXoTEXT. Existing articles can be opened and edited in SAXoTEXT. Articles can be transferred to direct make up on a QuarkXPress page or moved and copied across the article system by means of the article control system.

Bottom of window

At the bottom of the window an article list is shown, containing all the data on each individual article needed by the editor, e.g. status, format, size, ID-number, priority, etc.

The contents of the list change according to the selected workset (the contents of the folders in the article system the user wants to see) and with the date. Thus, the Articles module enables the user to work with staggered publication days. The contents of the list are continuously updated, allowing the user to keep track of the latest developments.

The attached module menu allows the user to link images with specific cutlines, thus combining the article and the linked images in an editorial pagination unit.

Finally, the module offers full text search in the selected articles.

Articles are assigned a status according to the alterations made. If an article has been made up, this is immediately reflected in its status.

The article overview provides clear and simple features, facilitating the daily work. In the list, which is continuously updated, all important data on each individual article is shown, including information on which user has made the most recent alterations.

The alteration in question is immediately reflected in the status of the article. All columns of the list can be sorted.



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