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SAXoBASIS forms the basis of the SAXoPRESS modular structure, offering maximum flexibility in the adaptation of the workplace of each individual user.

  • SAXoBASIS makes it possible to connect XTras for solving special tasks.
  • SAXoBASIS remembers the settings of each individual user thus providing the optimum working conditions - independent of the individual work station.

SAXoBASIS is the very core of the SAXoPRESS system. From here the user can control all steps in the production process.

The SAXoBASIS modules allow the user to take a clear view of all elements of the newspaper production. Articles can be edited and formatted. Pictures can be selected and linked with cutlines for each individual article. Wirenews can be browsed and transferred as articles for further editing. Wirephotos can be selected and processed automatically, if necessary. Finally, articles and images can be transferred for pagination on QuarkXPress template pages.

Quick Access to all Newspaper Elements
The primary task of the application is to provide quick access to and information about all the editorial sub-elements of the newspaper, such as articles, wirenews, images and template pages.

SAXoBASIS controls the location of all newspaper sub-elements. By defining the "worksets" each individual user  can make a number of paths to the specific server folders in which the elements needed for solving a specific task are located. SAXoBASIS is based on a system of "publication days" - meaning that the sub-elements are arranged according to date. Thus, the user is automatically presented with current events without being forced to "search" for topics every time.

When starting up SAXoBASIS the text editor SAXoTEXT is automatically opened together with the user's version of QuarkXPress. The user has one user interface for text editing and article/image administration and another for page make up. It takes one keystroke to switch from one interface to the other. The articles and images are sent from SAXoBASIS to page make up in QuarkXPress by a single mouse click.

Individual Adaption of the Work Enviroment
SAXoBASIS offers the user optimum possibilities for individual setup and adaptation of the work environment. This enables the user to make a number of setups explicitly aimed at solving a specific task. Only the newspaper elements currently needed for solving a specific task are shown in the module overviews.

The individual user setups are stored centrally, which means that the user is not dependent on one specific work station, but may work within his own adapted environment at any work station.

SAXoBASIS includes a "to do" system and a shared address and phone book.

The Module palette gives access to the SAXoPRESS system. Each button lets the user open a specific module – or put the module in "monitoring mode".



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