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SAXoTECH - Products - Product List - SAXoPRESS Database

SAXoPRESS Database

The SAXoPRESS database is the installation & setup of the chosen SQL database: Oracle or MS SQL.

  • Definition of users, table spaces and database tables.
  • Setup of communication between server and clients.
  • Setup of backup routines.
  • Setup of remote access to the Database Server.
  • Test & Performance Tuning.
  • Training of Super Users.

The Database
The SAXoPRESS Publishing System in Database version runs on standard SQL databases like Oracle and MS SQL.

The SAXoPRESS Database is the installation and setup of the production environment defined in the SAXoEngine and the setup of the necessary definitions of users, table spaces and database tables in the SQL database, including database security constraints.

To define the database it is necessary to know the approximate data depth level, file formats and sizes, etc.

The database tables consist of two logical areas: temp and data. Temp is the work area, the size of which is defined by the number of concurrent users on the system. Data is the definition of the database tables necessary for the production database as defined in the SAXoEngine - the SAXoPRESS product for each publication.

When the SAXoPRESS Database has been defined tests are run to ensure that the database is fully operational. Following a week's production, the database will go through a general performance tuning.

Database Backup
The SAXoPRESS Database also includes making sure that the setup of appropriate backup routines is correct. For security reasons we run with two types of backup: Online Backup via Tape/DLT and Redundancy Backup based on a RAID 5 system.

Database Support & Service
To facilitate remote support and service of the Database Server SAXoTECH will also install Timbuktu and RAS and test the appropriate routines for this work. And to make sure that the newspaper itself is able to handle the Database a super user is trained during the Database setup.



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