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DiHyph XT

DiHyphXT is a QuarkXPress XTension, which hyphenates contiuously and very accurately.

  • There is only little need for exception dictionaries as the hyphenation uses the English grammar rules and consequently can hyphenate technical terms and new words.
  • Various inflections of a word are considered as the same word in the exception dictionary, which can re-use existing exception dictionaries.
  • Accuracy levels of the hyphenation can be coupled to the different styles, e.g. "only best" in headlines and "acceptable" in bodytext.

DiHyphXT XTension secures continuous high quality hyphenation.

High Accuracy
Several major tests have shown that only one out of a hundred words is hyphenated wrong by DiHyphXT - and with a dictionary with hyphenation exceptions only about 0.02 per cent is hyphenated wrong.

The efficiency of DiHyphXT is due to the fact that it hyphen-ates the words in accordance with the English grammar rules - and consequently does not depend on insufficient diction-aries. Thus, new words, loan-words, compound words and technical terms are no longer a problem. Due to this, DiHyph-XT requires very little memory.

DiHyphXT is available in a network editiion for Macintosh, in which a password is required for updating the common exception dictionary.

Hyphenation Exceptions
In connection with DiHyphXT exception dictionaries have only been seen with less than 1800 words - even in extreme cases. This is possible, i.a. because various inflections of a word are considered to be doublets - and doublets may be deleted.
Lists with exceptions already made can be re-used.

Easy to use in QuarkXPress
The hyphenation is done automatically when the writer takes a break. When a text is placed in QuarkXPress DiHyphXT first of all ensures a correct hyphenation. Consequently, you do not have to do anything yourself to activate the hyphenation.

Quality Levels
In headlines you will typically only allow a few very good hyphenations and in bodytext you will accept many.

The unique XTension DiHyphXT allows this by way of five quality levels that can be coupled to different hyphenations (H&J) and thus be connected to the individual style. 



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