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SAXoImageProcessor Pro

The SAXoImageProcessor Pro System is the ultimate in advanced picture flow and image processing - and you do not have to be an expert to use it.

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  • Within a few minutes images are automatically made ready for use on newspaper pages.
  • The SAXoImageProcessor Pro System consist of the SAXoImageProcessor Pro robot, with either ImageProcessing XT or ImageProcessing XTra clients.
  • In combination these provides unique facilities for automatic image processing.
  • SAXoImageProcessor Pro is based on the professional processing and separation facilities of PhotoRace.
  • When receiving images from wire agencies, inhouse agencies or other sources the SAXoImageProcessor Pro can create full-size previews of the incoming images, and move images, previews and IPTC info right into the production system - ready for use.

System Overview

The stand alone robot, SAXoImageProcessor Pro is the core of SAXoTECH's concept on imageflow control. SAXoImageProcessor Pro can receive information directly from either the ImageProcessing XTra or the ImageProcessing XT - depending on the chosen workflow - and automatically carry out image alignment and processing.

 The ImageProcessing XTra is used to process images from withing SAXoPRESS, whereas the ImageProcessing XT is used to process images directly from QuarkXPress. With ImageProcessing XT - the SAXoImageProcessor Pro System is a very powerful stand alone system for all QuarkXPress users, with a heavy need for image processing.

Automatic image alignment and processing
By using the selected options for image crop, resulting size, rotation, color to black/white conversion and placing of the processed image SAXoImageProcessor will automatically carry out the necessary geometrical alignments.

Based on the selected options for processing (separate for black/white and color images) in the ImageProcessing XTra/XT SAXoImageProcessor can carry out the chosen standard processing in PhotoRace. The processing comprises Unsharpen Mask filter, curve processing and separation for CMYK.

File formats
The aligned/processed image can be saved in different formats, including EPS, TIF and EPS/JPEG. After saving the image can be transferred to high quality prepress processing or to direct ready-to-print use on a QuarkXPress page.

When receiving photos the SAXoImageProcessor can be set up to create full-size previews of the incoming photos.

Auto print
With the extension PicturePrint XTra SAXoImageProcessor is able to auto print the processed images. This is useful for newspapers who make up pages manually.

ImageProcessing XTra
- Automatic ImageProcessing in SAXoPRESS

The ImageProcessing XTra is fully integrated with the Pictures and WirePhoto modules in SAXoPRESS. By using the ImageProcessing XTra in combination with either the SAXoPRESS Pictures or WireNews module, the user can automatically process images ready for use in e.g. QuarkXPress.

In the Imageprocessing window the user may indicate image crop, resulting size, rotation, color to black/white transition, standard processing routines and placing of the processed image. By means of an infobar the ImageProcessing XTra indicates whether the image contains sufficient information to carry out the processing based on the selected parameters.

Following this pre-processing a processing order is sent to the SAXoImageProcessor to carry out automatic processing based on the user-indicated information. After a few minutes the processed image can be found in the processed images folder in the Pictures module, ready to move to QuarkXPress. The original will still be in its place, as image processing always is performed on a copy of the original.

Automatic ImageProcessing in SAXoPRESS

ImageProcessing XT
- Automatic ImageProcessing in QuarkXPress

The Images are imported to the QuarkXPress page, using the Palette XT or using QuarkXPress general import function for images. Standard QuarkXPress functions are used to crop, scale or rotate the individual   image. In ImageProcessing XT the user can decide on the standard processing routines: process as color or process as grayscale. If the user chooses the color option he has the option to both correct for colorcast and color curve correction, whereas chosing the grayscale option only gives the user the option to do grayscale curve correction. By means of an infobar the ImageProcessing XT indicates whether the image contains sufficient information to carry out the processing based on the selected parameters. 

Automatic ImageProcessing in QuarkXPress

When the user is finished giving orders it is just a matter of pushing Process and a pre-processing message is sent to SAXoImageProcessor Pro to carry out automatic processing based on the user-indicated information. In less than a minute the original image is swapped with the processed image by SAXoUpdate XT.

If the user does not like what he sees he can just hit fetch original and the swap image process is reversed by SAXoUpdate XT. Now the original is back and the user can start over.

SAXoUpdate XT
SAXoUpdate XT looks for updated paths to image boxes in QuarkXPress based on the path given by ImageProcessing XT and SAXoImageProcessor Pro. SAXoUpdate XT automatically updates all image boxes when a QuarkXPress page is opened and continues to update these at user defined intervals as long as the QuarkXPress page is open.



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