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SAXoTECH - Products - Product List - SAXoMultiConverter (PC)

SAXoMultiConverter (PC)

  • Special conversion of text/articles from other sources, coming in ASCII format.
  • Moves Images into the production structure, including adding previews, checking IPTC information and moving/loging these into the SAXoPRESS production database.
  • Direct connection to the Articles, WireNews, Pictures & WirePhoto modules.

Converting Text
This application handles any ASCII text coming into the newspaper whether it comes in from a wire agency, a correspondent, a freelancer, an old newspaper system, etc.

In any case, the text converter has to be defined for each general purpose, as each text source comes in with different encoding, using different special characters, which the converter has to understand.

For instance, one special converter purpose is to convert wirecopy from news agencies. The SAXoMultiConverter can convert wirecopy from several agencies simultaneously.

In addition to conversion SAXoMultiConverter performs another important task in connection with wirecopy. The wirecopies can be printed continuously using one or more laser printers. The print-out lists all relevant data from the wirecopy header. Furthermore, for each day of the week SAXoConverter allows determination of the type of news to be printed.

Custom Converters
Moreover, SAXoTECH supplies specially adapted converters that can convert copy using various formats from other sources in ASCII format, whether it is coming from standard editors like MS Word or from other newspaper systems.

As to converting copy from old newspaper systems, such conversions ensure great consistency between the typography and geometry of the old system and the QuarkXPress pagination. These special converters allow a gradual introduction of the "new technology" as the "old" system may still be in operation during a transitional period and deliver data in the form of articles to the SAXoPRESS system.

Handling Images
The SAXoMultiConverter also handles images coming in from different sources, such as wire agencies, freelance photographers, photo correspondents or in house photographers.

As long as the source sends the images in either EPS, EPS/JPEG, JPEG format and drops them into a hotfolder, then the SAXoMultiConverter will pick up the images, create previews for them, read the IPTC information, and move/log it all into the SAXoPRESS production database.



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