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SAXoPalette XT

SAXoPaletteXT automates and simplifies full-page make up of articles and images in QuarkXPress.

  • Direct link to the Articles, Pictures and WirePhoto modules.
  • Adds further facilities to QuarkXPress, such as text indents in boxes, automatic Copy-fitting of box to text and upholding baseline grid at prefaces.
  • SAXoPRESS Palette makes it possible to place articles and images for pagination in QuarkXPress documents opened by other users.

SAXoPaletteXT is an XTension adding new facilities to the QuarkXPress application (Copy-fitting, Text indents, Paste with styles, uphold baseline grid), but further it offers automatic make up of articles and images on QuarkXPress templates.

SAXoPaletteXT can be used by the sub-editor to paginate his own pages on-screen as well as by staff receiving articles and images from other users for pagination on specific QuarkXPress pages.

SAXoPaletteXT appears as a palette in QuarkXPress. The palette provides a list of the articles and images attached to the page. Full-page electronic pagination is performed by the user selecting an article in the palette and through the use of Drag &Drop pulls it out on the page. Here the user drops the article on the place on the page, where the article is to be placed. SAXoPalletteXT will then place the article as a block with the selected headline size and the selected number of columns. SAXoPaletteXT automatically copyfits the article's boxes to the text and makes sure that the space between the headline box and the bodytext box is correct. The article is thus given the correct appearance - both in typography and geometry. In the same way you can place a selected image with the Drag&Drop tech-nique - with a cutline attached.

Screendump of SAXoPalette

After the pagination procedure the article or image changes its status in order for the user to be kept up to date as to which elements are placed on the page and which elements still remain to be placed.

When an article or an image has been placed it is also registered in the SAXoPRESS modules allowing other employees to have an overview of which elements are placed on the page.

SAXoPaletteXT has a browsing feature enabling the user to look through articles and images in the palette before they are paginated.

Format Menu
SAXoPaletteXT has a format menu, which is extremely effective when you wish to change the article's format. You simply select the article - for example a 3 column, 36 point headline - The SAXoPalette "Format" menuand select the desired new number of columns and head-line size in the for- mat menu - for example a 5 column, 48 point head- line with a box. SAXo- PaletteXT instantly reformats the article. A feature which saves many mouseclicks and speeds up the make up process considerably, while at the same time upholding the rules of typography.



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