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SAXoTECH - Products - Product List - SAXoReceiver & Converter (Mac)

SAXoReceiver & Converter (for Mac)

Receipt and special conversion of articles from other newspaper systems, including Norsk Data, CPS, DDE, etc.

  • Direct connection to the Articles and WireNews modules.
  • Special versions for the receipt and special conversion of WireNews from Ritzau and DPA.
  • Simultaneous receipt of WireNews from several news agencies. Automatic laser printing of WireNews.

This application constitutes the receiving unit. SAXoReceiver is used for receiving both wirenews and text from existing newspaper systems.

The communication process itself is controlled from a Setup window in which all essential parameters can be adjusted, e.g. communication method, baud rate, parity, etc. In this way SAXoReceiver can be set up to communicate with e.g. Ritzau, Deutsche Presse Agentur, Nortext 3/3D/100, etc.

The text received can be transmitted to the central text storage area by means of the Setup window. SAXoReceiver can deliver text to various destinations within the system, and a suffix may be added to the text file. From the central text storage the "raw data files" of SAXoConverter are read and converted into articles/wirenews.

Should the central text storage area for some reason be inaccessible, SAXoReceiver will save the incoming data on the harddisk of the receiving computer to avoid dataloss caused by network or server failure.

This application exists in a number of specially adapted versions, aimed at solving a number of different tasks.

A special version aims at converting wirecopies from news agencies. SAXoConverter can convert wirecopies from several agencies simultaneously.

In addition to conversion SAXoConverter performs another important task in connection with wirecopies. The wire-copies can be printed continuously using one or more laser printers. The print-out lists all relevant data from the wirecopy header. Furthermore, for each day of the week SAXoConverter  allows determination of the type of news to be printed.

Moreover, SAXoTECH supplies specially adapted converters that can convert articles using various formats from other newspaper systems. Such conversions ensure great consistency between the typography and geometry of the old system and the QuarkXPress make up.

These special converters allow a gradual introduction of the "new technology" as the "old" system may still be in operation during a transitional period and deliver data in the form of articles to the SAXoPRESS system.
SAXoConverter acts as an automatic trash can by deleting all articles/wirenews older than the given user specific time limit.



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