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SAXoAdmin Pro

SAXoAdmin Pro contains modules for defining and managing all parts of the SAXoPRESS system, i.e. defining and managing users & groups, setup of the editorial workflow, the stylebook and rulebook of the newspaper, etc.

  • SAXoAdmin Pro makes it possible to create and manage the SAXoPRESS product definitions.
  • SAXoAdmin Pro is the systems administrator's tool for defining and controlling the SAXoPRESS system.
  • SAXoAdmin Pro gives full access to all the basic parameters for controlling the edi-torial, typographical and geometrical processes involved in editing and pagination.
Icons from SAXoAdmin Pro

The work in the SAXoPRESS system is built up around working with a "product", for example the daily newspaper or an insert. This philosophy is reflected in the fact that SAXoPRESS is based on a "SAXoPRESS Product" containing the relevant descriptions of the different products produced. The definition work for the individual product is performed in SAXo-Engine and SAXoFacility.

SAXoAdmin Pro Basics
This application is the systems administrators  tool for adjusting the SAXoEngine. With this tool the systems administrator can create and edit the structure of users and groups, change the standard colors of the SAXo-PRESS software, change priori-ties, implement the editorial, typographical and geometrical definitions, etc. All changes will be active the next time the user logs on to the system.

Changes in the product's settings are reflected at all levels of the SAXoPRESS system. The implementation of the indivi-dual product's stylebook in SAXoAdmin Pro defines the legal story formats and the overall functionality of SAXoTEXT.

The typography definitions are collected from QuarkXPress documents, which ensure con-sistency between the para-meters in QuarkXPress and the definitions in the SAXoPRESS product.

During size calculations and pagination the necessary definitions of the story format are fetched from the SAXoPRESS product. SAXoAdmin Pro enables the systems administrator to change and adjust this basic data. 

The Typography dia- logue box acts as an entry to SAXoAdmin Pro. From here the systems administrator can edit 3 basic types of data: Typography, Forms and Formats.

In the Typography dialogue box all para- meters necessary for calculating article size are shown. Further- more, the typographies for use in SAXoTEXT are created here.

Typography dialouge box

In the Forms dialogue box the keyboard shortcuts for the typographies are edited.

In the Formats dialogue box all definitions of article formats appear, i.e. definition of typographical sequence and the article geometry during make up.



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