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  • SAXoFacility forms the editorial production basis, which ensures a flexible, simple and consistent production of newspaper pages.
  • Sets of well defined style sheets and specifically adapted QuarkXPress templates ensure a quick and precise pagination process.
  • Information on typographies and page geometry forms the basis of integration with the many SAXoPRESS modules and XTras.
  • SAXoFacility ensures a professional structure of the QuarkXPress-based production
    system that precludes unpleasant and costly mistakes.

When implementing the SAXoPRESS system SAXoTECH can prepare large or small parts of the QuarkXPress based editorial production basis, called SAXoFacility - and implement data from here into a "SAXoPRESS Product". This SAXoPRESS Product - which is specific to each newspaper - contains all the data needed by the editorial part of the SAXoPRESS system in order to be able to work. In other words, the SAXoPRESS Product serves as the engine of the system.

Typographies, Templates & Userfriendliness
Normally, SAXoFacility will contain a complete set of well defined and carefully modelled typographies for editorial use. This set of typographies is the primary tool for the writing staff and the layout staff. Conse-quently, it is important to organize these typographies in such a way that they are functional and easy to use. Further, basic templates can be delivered in the shape of QuarkXPress documents, which are in every detail easy to use and can take care of adaptation to lock-systems, color systems, etc.

The definitions from the typographies and the templates form the basis of the integration with the SAXoPRESS system. The same typographies and geometrics are used for the article formats in the SAXoTEXT  text editor.

The basic definitions from QuarkXPress are transferred to the SAXoPRESS Product, where they i.a. will be used by the SAXoTEXT text editor and the automatic make up functions for articles and images.

The pages for the newspaper are QuarkXPress template pages that are stored centrally on a server, from where all users can open the pages and start the make up procedure.

On the server a date-folder for each weekday is found. In these folders it is possible to divide the newspaper into sections. The placement structure can be adapted to the individual newspaper's needs.

To the right is shown an example of an adapted template page. The page is adapted, so all standard page elements are placed on it. Magnetic rulers on the page ensure precise placing of the elements on the page.



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