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  • SAXoTEXT is a user friendly, highly specialized box-based text editor for editing and formatting articles for the SAXoPRESS system.
  • The close integration with the Articles and Wirenews modules makes it possible to open and edit articles directly from the modules.
  • Semi automatic formatting of articles as to typography and geometry in connection with pagination in QuarkXPress.
  • The article elements are divided into boxes ensuring a great amount of precision and user friendliness for the writer and/or editor.

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SAXoTEXT is designed to write articles including fixed elements such as headline, subhead, bodytext, and captions. The typing area in SAXoTEXT is divided into "boxes", each box meant for typing the text for a certain element, such as a headline - in other words SAXoTEXT is a so-called "Box editor".

The user interface is especially tailored for small monitors allowing the user to have most possible space for writing and editing.

User friendliness
SAXoTEXT works based on the definitions available in the particular SAXoPRESS Product the user is currently logged onto. This means that the contents of the menus in SAXoTEXT are specific for the individual newspaper. A selection in the Format menu, and the boxes will be given the correct typographies. In the box for bodytext, however, you can change between the predefined typographies in the SAXoPRESS Product for the individual paragraph.

In addition to this, SAXoTEXT calculates the extent of the article once it is paginated on the QuarkXPress page.

In the kicker, headline, subhead and cutline boxes the text is displayed in the correct type and the size of the boxes will vary dependent on the selection of format, which means that the user will have an impression of the layout of these boxes – they work according to WYSIWYG.

At the top of the SAXoTEXT window a wide range of essential information regarding the article is shown: Size, priority, usage date, deadline specification, etc.

As a new function the article can now be given a number of lines shown at the top of the SAXoTEXT window. The moment the writer goes beyond this number of lines it will be shown by changing the color of the text.

SAXoTEXT also contains a series of text tools increasing the readability of the program. As an example the codes in the bodytext will be highlighted in color and "protected" in such a way that it is not possible to delete a single character in a code.

SAXoTEXT offers the opportunity of using "tags". Tags can be used for many different purposes, like in-line notes, which means notes within the article. Tags can also be used for placing special characters, colors, and other typographical specialities in the article or the cutline.

Further SAXoTEXT has an integrated spell check allowing dynamic error detection.

Other functionalities in SAXoTEXT: Find and replace, show invisibles, tabulation, drag´n´drop of text, marking of word, line, and paragraph through the keyboard, automatic placing of byline and bodytext code, etc.

SAXoTEXT makes it easy for writers and editors to concentrate on the essential – writing and editing articles…

Program requirements:
SAXoEngine & -Facility
Articles module for opening articles



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