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BRS Archive System
    - tightly integrated
    archiving capabilities

The complete information
    system for archiving and
    searching of all the news
    sources in today’s
    newspaper: Text, images,
    graphics and pages.

The system automatically
    creates live PDFdocuments
    of the archived pages with
    links to the archived

Fast, powerfull full-text search engine lets you perform
    simple or advanced searches of the archive

Make your archive available on your Web site and use our
    e-commerce software to charge readers for online access.

SAXoPRESS Archiving System is the most powerful and integrated archiving system. Using this system, you can archive and retrieve stories, photos, graphics and complete pages from the editorial system SAXoPRESS and from Web interfaces.

The unsurpassed integration between the production system and the archive gives you superior quality in your archive with numerous automatically created hyperlinks at no additional cost of labour.

Thus, the archiving process can easily be fully automated of the tight integration between the SAXoPRESS production system and the archive. This tight integration also allows for the following:

Both published and unpublished text and images can be archived.

All the versions of the articles created in SAXoTEXT can
    be sent to the archive.

Original image scans (the raw files) are sent to the archive, along with
    the information about how they were used on the published pages.

When pages are completed in the editorial system, they are auto-
    matically converted to Adobe’s PDF (Portable Document Format).

Links between the articles and images on the PDF pages and
    their original elements in the database are automatically created.

The AutoArchiver application automates time-consuming and repetitive tasks, thus reducing the need for manual classification and storage. However, if additional information is needed, the publications librarian can always enhance re-cords to classify items with other data.

The advanced search facilities of the SAXoBRS archiving system makes it easy to find stories, images and related pages.

Users can perform "simple" or "advanced" searches of all the archived contents. The simple search dialog lets users quickly run free text searches or saved searches that they perform often. The advanced search dialog gives the user a way to perform more specific, more complicated queries of the database using multiple header fields, free text strings and search operators.

You can perform free text searches in all paragraphs
    stored in the system.

Search operators ("and", "or", "not", "adjacent", etc.)
    allow you to perform complex searches.

Thesaurus and list support impose a structure on your
    archive that is easily overviewed when searching.

A list of saved searches gives quick access to
    searches you often perform.

Browsing through the pages in the archive enables you by simply
    clicking on stories and images in the PDF document to perform
    additional searches in the database. Links show related elements
    and make it easy to jump directly to other documents.

SAXoBRS offers several management tools which make configuration and administration of the SAXoBRS archive simple and user-friendly.

The SAXoBRS Web interface allows you to put the archive search capabilities on your Web site. You can easily make your SAXoBRS archive available to remote system users (reporters and editors working outside the building).

You can also make the search capabilities available to your online readers. One application for this capability is to sell stories from the archive as single items, which can make the archive a separate profit center for the publication. 



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