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The SAXoBRS Admin is the system administrator’s tool for setting up the database, its tables and fields. Using Admin, you can set up groups and users for each individual database and table. You can also assign access privileges on the group level, on the user level and set user preferences for the Search and Archive module.

Although SAXoBRS Admin allows for a great deal of administrator control, it is easy to use because the database configuration is performed almost entirely from within the client application’s easy-to-use graphical interface. In addition, the software also allows administrators to adapt the user interface and functionality of the software to match the publication’s exact needs.

SAXoBRS Admin allows system administrators to retrieve a great deal of information about the archive database, including statistics on the archiving process, hit lists, words most commonly used in the database, and even individual searches on the user level.

Here we will only show you a few of the many preferences you can set up in SAXoBRS Admin.

The “Define Database” and “Define Paragraphs” options allow you to configure aspects about the databases at your site. These include thesaurus, the type of the content of the paragraph (numeric, text, date ), the size of the record etc. You have all the powerfull administrative tools right at hand.



You can set up groups and users for each individual database and table. You can also assign accesss priviligies on the group level and even on user level.

Furthermore the SAXoBRS Admin contains the possibility to set up standard preferences for groups and users - and determine which preferences the group or the user should have access to change
- so it’s up to you how much latitude you allow the users.

You can set up contents and displaywidth of files in the list in the overview windows, configure the advanced search window lists, set up the archiving window, set up the server environment, set up your own windows, deciding which fields should be displayed and how they should interact with you - since diffferent users need different information from the database. In short the classification query masks are totally configurable.

The archiving system from SAXoTECH is based on the BRS/Search database system developed by Dataware Technologies, A/S. SAXoBRS builds a layer on top of BRS/Search that facilitates storing articles, images, and layouts from the newspaper production system.

BRS/Search is a free-text database system in which all archived work are indexed and searchable. Unlike other SQL databases, the BRS/Search database is highly optimized for text archives, and due to the way documents are stored and indexed, searching the system is very fast.




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