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The always updated production server consists of files like stories, images, pages, graphics etc. The archived information is alive in the digital archive.




Archiving the page gives you an archive containing exactly what was printed in the newspaper. A full page preview of the made-up page is presented to you so you see a total list of all editorial element on the page. The actual archiving process is made by the SAXoBRS Autoarchiver. You make links between items with drag & drop.


The SAXoBRS Autoarchiver is a stand alone application performing the archiving processes for text, pages and images. When the autoarchiver receives an order that a page should be archived it collects the articles and images and writes all the information to the database. It then creates a PDF file of the page, two different previews of the images (also conversion to JPEG if nessecary) and moves the PDF-page and images to the archive on the server.


You can also archive images or stories separately and not only from the page. And of course you can also archive unpublished items. 







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