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The Multiconverter handles
    import of files from all major
    wire services automatically

Realtime coverted text and
    preprocessed fast input of



The powerful MultiConverter system can automatically handle the import of files from all the major wire services both text and images.

Wire Stories, text from proprietary systems and photos can automatically be routed into the SAXoPRESS production system for browsing and use by anyone in the newsroom. And to minimize any disturbens the administrator can give the Wire Stories and Wire Photos module to only those users that need to view wire data.

The sources can be numerous: Wire Services, Photo Agencies, Proprietary text driven editorial systems, remote located production databases and freelance users, along with integrated links to internet services such as email systems. As it is seen from the flowchart, the work process basically follows the following flow:


The Newspapers’ Receiver Systems from e.g. AP, Ritzau, NTB, or other sources are to deliver files to a dedicated file structure to which MultiConverter has access.


The MultiConverter processes all content which shows up in the Folder Structure, based on the following five Parameters.

Agency – the source of the content. (Defined in SAXoAdmin).

Channel – the sub category of the Agency. E.g. the Norwegian news agency NTB has 3 channels NTB-A (wirecopy), NTB-B (wirephotos), NTB-C (wirecopy). (Defined in SAXoAdmin).

Template – a Template can be the official file design of the content being sent out by the individual agency, i.e. there is a specific template for AP, NTB, etc. A template consists of the smaller elements Tokens. which are the internal "tags" of a template, which determine the elements of a file.

To deliver the converted content to SAXoPRESS, the Multi-Converter needs direct access to the SAXoPRESS Database. Content is moved into its predesignated database tables for wire-copy, wirephotos, IPTC info, picture previews, etc. for viewing and use in SAXoPRESS. 

For back-up purposes only, a Copy of all converted text also resides as files in a Date structure on the File Server. This means that in the event of total database corruption, and no available database back-up, all text and image/graphic files residing on the File Server can be moved through the Multi-Converter again, to restore this in the Database.

Error Folders: If, for some reason, a file cannot be converted, MultiConverter will move it into the Error folder structure. 

Wirefeeds come in from Agencies 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The Multi-Converter is therefore designed to be in operation on 24/7 basis.



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