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Publicus 1/4

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The following is a partial list of the Web sites currently being created using Publicus:

Tønsbergs Blad

Drammens Tidende - Buskeruds Blad



Kanal 1 Drammen


Sandefjords Blad

Fredriksstad Blad

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SAXoTECH - Products - Publicus

Publish & Communicate online

fully integrated with SAXoPRESS


or see the Publicus extension area at

Publicus(TM) is a complete online publishing solution for newspapers and magazines. Publicus includes tools that can help a publication create a highly interactive online community and conduct e-commerce.

With Publicus, publishers can:

  • Protect your franchise by improving relationships with advertisers and readers. For example, you can allow advertisers create both print and online ads online through a Web browser. And you can easily create community portals, chat forums, daily online polls, and theme pages.

  • Improve efficiency by creating more content with fewer people on your staff. For example, Publicus' online events system lets readers submit information like community calendar items themselves through online forms and then the software can help you prepare those items for both print and online publishing.

  • Target content by tracking reader profiles and supplying them with the editorial and advertising data they care about. For example, readers discussing music in a chat room could automatically have an ad placed by a local music store appear in the interface.

  • Reduce the costs of Web publishing by using our Web hosting and maintenance plan. Thanks to Publicus' modular design we can very quickly and cheaply get you up and running on the Web. And we can also host the entire system for you and maintain it 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  • The Publicus system lets you easily and inexpensively
    create a dynamic Web product with many different services
    for your readers.

    Come see the newest addition to the SAXoTECH family of products at SEYBOLDSF 2000 & IFRA 2000.

    schedule a demonstration at:

    SAXoTECH Viking