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The following is a partial list of the Web sites currently being created using Publicus:

Tønsbergs Blad

Drammens Tidende - Buskeruds Blad



Kanal 1 Drammen


Sandefjords Blad

Fredriksstad Blad

SAXoTECH - Products - Publicus

Cutting-Edge Technology
Makes Online Publishing Simple

"Publicus was designed to level the playing field and allow small- and medium-sized publishers to easily and cheaply create Web sites with the features of the biggest sites online today."
-- Frank Loversky, President, SAXoTECH, Inc.

Publicus is a dynamic publishing system based around a single online content database of stories, photos, advertising, reader data, calendar information, etc.

Every page in your Web site can be contextual -- meaning the system can collect and display information for the user based on the kinds of links they are following. What each user sees can be custom-tailored for them by the database. For example:

If a user follows a link to a story about a local company, the system can search the database for other stories about that company, stories about similar companies, advertising placed by that company, etc., and then display all those links alongside the original story that was requested. All of this happens automatically „ without any additional work by you or your staff.

Publicus is easy for reporters and editors to use. The system separates the editing of the content from the HTML coding and production. Newsroom users do not need to learn any complicated new tools in order to contribute to the publication's Web site. They focus only on the content of the site, the software does the rest.

Workflow Options

Publicus allows for several different online publishing workflows. Companies using Publicus can:

  • Publish content first in print (using SAXoPRESS or some other 3rd-party publishing system) -- and then later automatically move that content to the Web.
  • Publish content first on the Web -- and then later move that content to print pages.
  • Create and publish content intended only for Web publishing.
  • Collect content from readers and advertisers online and publish that content both in print and online

How It Works

Publicus is the first Web publishing system created that truly takes advantage of the power of relational databases, but does not require man-months of manual programming to make the site work.

The created Web pages are not static. They are created dynamically from a database of content running on the Web server. As content is created, edited, and approved for the Web, Publicus formats the content when the user requests it.

The Publicus template system is a simple extension of HTML. The site can be created in any HTML editor, and the Publicus tags are inserted wherever you want database objects displayed. Publicus does not require the use of Java» or any plug-in system to create the interactivity. Images on the site can be imported in all the most common formats and are automatically processed and sized according to how they will be used on the site

Publicus Web Server

The Publicus system is built around its own Web server. This Web server is designed specifically for online publishing and includes several unique features:

  • Modules system to easily extend the functionality of your site

  • Full-Text Indexing Engine that automatically creates keyword indexes for the entire site

  • Image Processing that automatically optimizes all imported images for the Web n Browser-based Editing and Administration that reduces administration costs

  • Smart Caching System that knows when content in the database has been updated and automatically updates the cache

  • Load Balancing mechanisms to ensure fast browsing n Intelligent Statistical Analysis that provides you with information on the total number of new visitors to the Web site, the kinds of elements that are most popular, and the peak usage time