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    Here we just give you the introduction:

    "The most notable aspect of Publicus at this stage
    is its completeness"

    (Seybold May 2000)

    The list below shows our line of 26 Publicus extension modules. Read more about each one by clicking on the link to www.Publicus.com and go to the extension section.

    Publicus Agenda

    1. Publicus Agenda Basis
    is a searchable events calender that allows additions to be made directly on the Internet. "Publicus Agenda Basis" also gives you the opportunity to export both coded or plain text data to a newsprint edition.

    2. Publicus Agenda Movie Guide
    gives the reader the opportunity of finding current movies within a certain time frame or geographical area, and has several search options.

    3. Publicus Agenda Ski and Beach Guide
    lets the reader find out snow conditions in the Winter and water temperatures in the Summer. Other information can also be posted, either by you or by clients. Web cameras can also be linked to this module.

    4. Publicus Agenda Entertainment Guide
    provides the reader with an overview of local entertainment. Users within the entertainment business kan be given the opportunity to update or contribute part of the content.

    5. Publicus Agenda Church Guide
    is a specialized module for presenting a calender of events for churches and congregations.

    Publicus Advertising Modules

    6. Publicus Classified Ads
    provides searchable data bases for classified ads such as Autos, Real Estate, and Help Wanted. This module can receive data from pre-made ad formats, or it can let users themselves generate complete ads in Publicus for use in the newsprint edition.

    7. Publicus Personal Ads
    allows publishing of personal ads, as well as sorting these ads or searching through them.

    8. Publicus Banner Ad Controller
    lets you easily control banner ads that change according to timed intervals or by category. Includes statistical tools.

    Other Publicus Master Modules

    9. Publicus Light
    is a simplified version of "Publicus Basis" which allows you to offer a Net publishing solution for ads for business partners, schools and others.

    10. Publicus E-commerce
    is a complete package for doing business on the Internet, and allows you to build up a merchandising center as well as integrating your exisiting business systems. Methods of payment are built-in.

    11. Publicus CRM
    Customer Relations Management (CRM) is the right system for those who want to learn more about their most productive clients. "Publicus CRM" lets you do this on your Web pages.

    12. Publicus Muliti-Channel
    gives you the possibilty of publishing your news in several channels, for example in WAP, Palm, SMS and tele-text.

    13. Publicus Multimedia
    lets you publish video clips and sound bites on your pages and articles through our high speed multi-media server.

    Publicus Subscriber
    allows you to make either your entire Web site or parts of it subscriber based (users need a password to enter).

    15. Publicus User Registration
    More and more Web sites express a desire to require users to register before they can use the sites in order to store this information for user recognition later. "Publicus User Registration" gives you this opportunity.

    Publicus Portal Basis
    Publicus Portal Basis contains several subordinate modules:

    16. Publicus Portal Basis
    allows you to set up an Internet portal. Included in the basic module for portals is "Publicus Link Register", "Publicus E-mail Register" and "Publicus Company Register", as well as "Web-Hotel and motel".

    Publicus Extension Modules

    17. Publicus Chat
    - allows users to communicate directly with each other in real time on your Web pages.
    * Publicus News [Discussion Groups] - lets users post messages in a discussion forum. This lets you choose a current theme that can later be used in your newsprint edition.

    18. Publicus Magazines
    lets you produce different kinds of themed magazines on your portal, for example various sports teams.

    19. Publicus Weather Service
    allows you to present weather maps and other information to your users.

    20. Publicus Maps
    - is first and foremost meant as a supplement to modules like "Publicus Classified" (finding advertised housing), "Publicus Traffic" and "Publicus Travel".

    21. Publicus Traffic
    lets the user ask how to get from "point A to point B" by public transport with a route mapped out. This module can also give updated information on airlines, trains, ships and highway traffic.

    22. Publicus Education Guide
    presents an easily viewed over-all survey, with links, of local educational institutions and what they can offer. Used with "Publicus Light", this module opens up exciting possibilities.

    Publicus Editing Extension Modules

    23.Publicus Q&A Modul
    lets you interact with your readers through daily questions or contests. Users can have a choice of several answers and will receive an immediate response. The results can be transferred for use in your newsprint edition.

    Publicus Horoscope
    gives you a daily updated horoscope on your Net pages. This module also lets readers find their horoscope for the previous day and the next day.

    25. Publicus Comic Strips
    allows you to publish daily comic strips in your Net edition.

    26. Publicus Press Agent
    lets you publish news from press agencies as fast as it comes in. Your pages will always be updated.

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    and read more on EXTENDING PUBLICUS capabilities.