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100% integration between
    SAXoPress and NetNews II

High degree of flexibility
    with the option of
    continuous publishing and
    update of the news copy

One editor can finish the
    Internet newspaper in
    only 1/2- hour

Requires no knowledge
    of HTML and Internet

The SAXoPRESS NetNews II Module is SAXoTECH’s answer to an effective and especially user-friendly publishing of the daily newspaper on the Internet. And by introducing SAXoPRESS Net-News II the functionality and workflow is now better than ever.

In addition to the well-known, intuitive SAXoPRESS user interface and rich functionality, NetNews II also offers the choice between 3 different workflows.

This fact gives you an unprecedented flexibility, allowing you to produce your Internet newspaper according to the specific flow you want for the day.

Finally, the increased flexibility and user-friendliness make it possible for a single editor – even without any knowledge to HTML and Internet – to produce and publish the daily newspaper on the Internet in less than 1/2 hour by himself.

The tight integration between NetNews and the other modules in SAXoPRESS makes exchanging data like pictures and articles to the NetNews module easy.

At the same time the logical classification ensures that finding your way around in the copy is always easy.

The publication of articles on the Inter-net is carried out in a simple and clear manner. Thus, it is up to you to decide whether a new article is to be published in either the printed newspaper or on the Internet. You can also decide to parallel publish the article or in an edited version for use on the Internet, e.g. as an appetizer for the printed article. In addition to this it is now possible to place sound and film clips on the Internet.

Images linked to articles will automatically be transferred to the NetNews module together with the articles if de-sired. From SAXoTEXT you can as well set an image to only appear on the Internet edition or the other way round - in the printed paper only.

Subsequently, articles and images are published together on the Internet as a unit. It is as simply as that…

Articles for the Internet newspaper are written like all other articles in SAXo-TEXT. It is possible to define the placing and the publication date of the articles on the Internet from SAXoTEXT.

A possible workflow is to refer an article from the Articles module to the Net-News module. This is easily done by highlighting the selected articles and using the above shown menu item in the Articles module.

With the NetNews module and the Ad module – WebAd – it has also become logical to place ad banners on the newspaper’s Internet edition. You have the options of placing the banner ads with links attached to a single article or under a category – e.g. business or sports.

The options are immense, and so is the type of ad.

The layout of the web page is controlled by templates. From the pre-defined layout it is thus both simple and easy to publish the daily newspaper on the Internet. There are many options when it comes to publishing. It is up to you to decide whether you want to publish the news continuously and update them as they arrive in the newsroom – or whether you want to complete all the articles for the day and publish them together.

The publishing process is also simple – the Internet editor asks the system to publish the articles on the Internet. SAXoPRESS then automatically prepares the articles for the Internet and fetches the linked images in JPEG format. Seconds later the news will be available on the Internet.

It is simply that easy …


NetNews is an ISAPI DLL
HTML is dynamically generated, when asked on the pages
The Formatting is controlled by Templates





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